I’m a big gadget freak.  I got an iPad for Christmas and I love it.  I also have an iPhone, a Nook, a Kindle, a Sony eReader, a large desktop PC, a mini netbook, a large 18″ laptop, and a regular size laptop.  It’s a bit much, right? It’s a sickness…

Well, I gave the Kindle to my hubby, who was surprised at how much he’s enjoyed reading off of it.  My Sony is stuck in a drawer.  Very sad Sony.  The mini laptop I use every morning when I have my breakfast, I use it to check e-mail and get caught up on whatever happened over night. I take it on trips with me on occasion.  The big laptop, sometimes I take with me on trips – I have and older version of Photoshop on there – just in case I need to work on something. 

The regular laptop is used for the family when we travel, I don’t want them on mine.  lol

I use the desktop PC every day.  Hubby bought me another 12 GB of RAM for Christmas, so this puppy screams along now. 

I use the Nook every time I’m on the elliptical machine – it certainly makes the time go by faster.

The iPad and the iPhone – which I love equally – are used every day.  The phone is by my side all the time.  I plan on taking the iPad with me whenever I travel now.  So much fun to use and easy to connect with e-mail or Facebook or even play Word with Friends. 🙂

How many gadgets do you have?  Do you use them?  Should we start a gadget overload support group?  Maybe just for me…



5 Responses to “Gadgets…”

  1. I keep trying to tell my husband I need a Kindle Fire but he just looks at me and says “you have enough electronic gadgets” I in turn look at him horrified at this statement because we all you can NEVER have to many gadgets 😉 lol

  2. Mary Preston Says:

    I don’t have a lot of gadgets, but I would love an iPad.

  3. I love gadgets too…I have an iPad, iPhone, desk PC and company laptop. Now I’m looking at a Nook. My iPad is my baby and can’t live without it and I hardly use my PC anymore since so slow. Every time new version of iPad or iPhone comes out, I have to restrain myself LOL.

  4. I have the Iphone, Ipad, Kindle, and a laptop. I do like reading more on the kindle tough than on the ipad. Been trying to find really cool apps for the ipad to use and have found a few, but know there are more out there.

  5. I have a samsaung 4G phone and a laptop, I don’t think I have enought to get in.

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