Have I mentioned I hate blogging?

I know crazy talk from a woman who actually owns two and shares a third but there you have it. Not being an author I never know what to say that will interest you. Than I thought hey Lila talked about crafts so if it worked for her maybe it would work for me 😉 I like to call myself an altered artist I see things and wonder what I can turn them into I have a quote that I do my best to live up to.

“It is my goal in life to in some small way,

alter everything I touch” Unknown


First to apologize for not posting anything on Monday or Tuesday some eye candy that will hopefully appease you 😉

I love his eyes!!

The most recent thing I have been working on has been a set of nested cases. I didn’t like how they looked when I bought them but all the attachments were put on with screws so I could take all the leather off, strip the material and make it my own. I only have two completed at the moment.

These two cases used to look like…




A glass of wine anyone?

These two beautiful glasses

once looked like this one.



I love puzzle! love putting them together but even more

I love turning large kids puzzles into something beautiful.

This puzzle isn’t all my work it was part of a swap I did with other artist friends a few years ago I would send them the puzzle plain piece and they would design the piece with the theme I chose in this case travel and mail it back to me. Usually the other artists had their own puzzle as well so it was sort of an exchange of art 🙂


That is all for today and just because I’ll leave you with another bit of mouth watering eye candy

I’d be oh-so-happy to help him dry off!

Lexxi is taking of the blog on Thursday so I’ll be back here on Friday to torture you again.




If your interested you can view more of my work at TscrafTyways.wordpress.com

One Response to “Have I mentioned I hate blogging?”

  1. Super cute, T–thanks for the fun stuff!

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