Hobbies that Everyone Should Have (according to doctors)

Are running and biking really hobbies, I mean really?

They just…such so much. I HATE running. I like riding bikes, bikes like this:

I ride a bike like this to work. It’s fun! You backpedal to stop, I have and EC squeeze horn on it and a basket.

But, when people say they cycle this is now what they mean. They mean this:

Help! I'm surrounded!

This does not look like fun. Every time my Farm Boy gets on his bike (which cost as much as a Kia), with his gloves and jersey and the bike computer and helmet and glasses… Okay, the fact that there are so many accessories weights heavily in favor of it being a hobby.

But seriously I have vibrators bigger and nicer than the seats on those things.

And running?

No. Just no. Unless I’m being chased by a puma I consider it torture, not a hobby. Er, not that running away from pumas is a hobby. That I know of.



3 Responses to “Hobbies that Everyone Should Have (according to doctors)”

  1. I haven’t figured out why anyone would want to run. It’s so much nicer stopping and smelling the roses. Even the guys in the Navy have to run a mile and a half. Why? If they run that far on a ship they will be overboard! I just don’t get it and I don’t like it.

    Now, I’m sorry but I prefer my bike. It has a motor and you need a license to drive it. I may not get you any brownie points with the doc but I sure do have fun.

  2. Mary Preston Says:

    You can keep the running thank you. Bicycles too. This town is all hills & knowing my luck I will die going up & then **really** die going back down. I’ll stick to walking.

  3. Heeheehee your bike is very nice Lila, but that pack of bikes..hell no 🙂

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