Building off of JR’s post about pintrest I’m going to blog this week about hobbies! People really do have interesting hobbies. I love TV shows where someone says “Well I’m a dental hygienist, but by night I light things on fire and shoot them from a catapult! I’m president of the light it up and let it go club!”

My first thought is always “How the hell do you get started doing that?”

Then “Damn that’s cool, I could do that…”

At which point my Farm Boy promptly says “Er, no.”

“But, but…shiny fire?”

“Definitely no.”

So, what’s your dangerous hobby? Mine would be snorkling (biting fishies you know) if I did it more often. I also text Jayne while riding my bike in traffic, but I guess that’s more of a dangerous habbit than a hobby.

Anyone have dangerous hobbies?


One Response to “Hobbies”

  1. Why do all your hobbies have to be dangerous?! I’d say being a romance writer by night is a pretty dangerous hobby. At least for FB ’cause I know you run him ragged. 😛 And I would rather you take me snorkeling with you next time than text me while riding your bike (though I love your texts too). When I was in Hawaii, there was one day the waves were really rough so we went to Lydgate Park to snorkel. It’s supposed to be like the kiddie pool since it’s separated from the ocean by a rock wall. But I turned around and there was a big barracuda right behind me in like three feet of water. So I know what you mean about that. I still wish we’d been there at the same time instead of a few weeks apart. Now THAT would have been dangerous for everyone else!

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