Brand new me?

You know the saying about your weight creeping up on you? Well, my weight quit creeping some time ago. It’s now taking marathon sprints on a daily basis. Which has finally led me to join a training/weight loss program.

It’s one of those programs where you have to imagine yourself thin in order to get into the right state of mind. Then you have to adjust your eating habits completely and start a hectic training program – with a personal trainer.

The eating program is doable. It’s all about getting rid of any processed foods, and only eating fresh healthy food. I’m quite enjoying it, to be honest. (Altho I figure this is the honeymoon part of the diet. Soon as I get over the first few weeks, I am gonna be craving all my usual comforts treats: JUNK FOOD!) Added to the food, is the drinking bit. I have to drink 2 – 3 liters of water. Now everyone says this is great for you, it cleanses the body and helps with weight loss. Wanna know what I think? I think the reason people who drink that much water lose weight is because they’re running to the toilet every 15 minutes! (Great exercise for the legs.)

Then there’s the training program. Hello? Any of you work out? In a small training room? With three or so other people and your trainer? That’s what I did today. Suffice it to say had you been there, you would have laughed yourself silly. Picture it:

A svelte, gorgeous trainer dressed in tiny shorts and a tiny singlet. Three svelte, slim, toned trainees dressed in a tiny shorts and tiny singlets. And one not svelte, not slim, not toned trainee wearing her baggy  tracky dacks and her hubby’s hugest t-shirt (to cover the bum.) Yeah. Me.

The class begins. Picture it: Three svelte, toned, slim trainees pumping away in time to the music, keeping in perfect rhythm with the instructor’s instructions and counting. And one overweight, unfit trainee, huffing, puffing, scarlet and dripping, and still doing the last ten reps of the exercise that finished five minutes ago. Yeah. Me.

It didn’t get any better from there, people. I went from looking foolish, to looking idiotic to looking like a complete moron.

But you know what? I stuck it out! I did the hour, and I’ll be back in two days time to do another hour. Ya know why? Because I’m sick of my weight taking those marathon sprints. Its time to make a change. Time to feel good about myself again. Time to stop hiding behind those baggy tracky dacks and huge Ts.

So could you please wish me luck? I’m not fooling myself into believing I’ll ever be svelte, slim and toned. But it would be nice to like my body again.

Oh, and if you should leave a comment, and I don’t respond in time, forgive me. Chances are high I’ll be racing to the loo – again!


6 Responses to “Brand new me?”

  1. Hang in there. I have pounds who aren’t leaving for nothing. That said, I have never been the sleek, skinny girl that I know is there some where. I’ve done the excerise until you drop. (Can you say Army basic training?) Not happening. So, I can’t tell you how to get skinny but I can tell you a silly workout story.

    While deployed to the deserts of Kuwait, a group got together twice a week to do arobics (sp?). It was hot no matter how you looked at it. (over 100) But I was determined to do everything I could to get close to what I was suppose to weight per Uncle Sam. I was faithful and soon could do the entire program with no problems. About 8 months into this program the Marines showed up. They glanced in to see what this class was about and as everyone knows arobics (sp?) is easy and girly, they thought they would show us how easy it was, especially as an old lady could do it (ME, I was in my mid 40s.) Usually, about half way through, they were done and struggling and refusing to give up because they could hang as long as the old lady. No, they couldn’t. Gosh, did I feel good even if I wasn’t that skinny me.

    • Terri, the work out sounds like hell. I struggled in an air conditioned room. You must have been fantasizing about an air con. LOL, love the story tho. And yay for showing them marines up.

      I have a friend who does Bikrum (sp?) yoga. That’s yoga in a room heated to 40 degrees celsius. She swears by it.

  2. I wish you much luck as you start your exercise program! I lost 20 lbs. last year, a combination of a new gym membership and smarter eating. I didn’t set my goal too high, because I’m a stress eater and also (ahem) lazy at times, but I kept that goal in mind and was really thrilled when the scale tipped where I wanted it to. I’m starting this year with another 20 lb. goal. I’m fortunate to have a brother who is a trainer and he sends me personalized workouts (free!) and has been a great help. Um, I could do without the mirrors in the gym, too. I don’t really care for the lumpy woman grimacing back at me when I workout. Oh wait, that’s me! Best wishes and hang in there!

    • Liz, 20 lbs is awesome. Well done! You’re right . It sounds like a sensible goal, a reachable one.
      So if you did it last year, you can do it again this year.
      Mind if I use you as a role model?

      (As for that lumpy woman…uh, i think you’re mistaken. That’s me!

  3. Mary Preston Says:

    Keep it up, you will be so proud of yourself.

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