Welcome to my week on the blog.

I always know when Jambrea’s been playing here: There are hundreds of pics of nude, gorgeous men. (Always peppered with a couple of hot m/m kisses.)

Okay, in keeping with Jambrea, I too shall post a pic of a beautiful, nekkid man. (Altho maybe not quite in JJJ style.) Waddya think?


For those of you who don’t know it, on Tuesday The Red Hot Weekend anthology released. Yep, it’s the sequel to the Red Hot Winter Anthology, and features books by me (er, myself?), Lexxie Couper and Delilah Devlin.

So, today, being a weekend, I thought I’d treat you to a little red-hot excerpt. Enjoy.

HIDDEN FIRE – An adult excerpt

Jenna threw her head back and sobbed in pleasure. Her breath was gone, her logic as well. She was nothing but a whirling body of sensation.

Bound to the chair, immobile, and in absolute heaven.

Heaven that sparkled and glittered as his hands crept up her legs, shoved her skirt upwards and exposed her panties.

When his fingers stroked her over the sodden material, the groans that filled the room could have been hers or his, she had no idea. Didn’t care. She just wanted those fingers on her. In her.

Garreth tore his head away from her breasts. He wore an expression of pure greed as he peered at her pussy, stared between her legs at the useless thong that covered the very part of her she wanted him to touch. Lick. Fuck.

And then his focus was gone. His gaze dipped and his fingers disappeared.

Noooo. “Garreth,” she breathed her complaint.

His hands found her ankles, pulling, yanking.

What was he doing? She didn’t want his hands there. She wanted them on her breasts, on her pussy, in her ass.

Miraculously, her legs were free, no longer bound to the chair. Before she could move, Garreth had her feet propped over his shoulders, had her thighs stretched wide open. His gaze was focused firmly on her pussy once again.

“Damn you,” she yelled at him, even as sparks ignited within her. “Touch me. Fuck me. Please.” She ground her ass on the chair, pushed her legs open wider.

He buried his face between her thighs, above her panties, and simply inhaled deeply.

Jenna shrieked.

Garreth groaned. His hands shook where they rested on her shins.

The thong was given the same treatment her blouse had received. Garreth pulled on it, sank his teeth around it and ripped it to shreds. The useless lace gave on the first tug, freeing her throbbing pussy to his marauding tongue.

He pressed his mouth to her lower lips and kissed her.

Jenna’s breath left her chest. Her eyes slid shut.

He held nothing back, licking at her fiercely, gloriously. His tongue lathed, his teeth nipped. He drank from her, lapping up her cream, just liked he’d promised.

The very movements made her crazy, whisked up feelings inside she hadn’t allowed to surface for twelve years. Why not? Dear Lord, how could she have denied herself this intense paradise? Her pussy pulsed, tingled, swelled.

His tongue caressed, soothed, lapped. His teeth nipped, scratched. His cheeks scraped the skin on her inner thigh.

Oh, my fucking God.



Never felt anything like it.

And then Garreth toppled her world over sideways.


Hidden Fire is available from Samhain, Kindle, Nook or your favorite ebookstore.


10 Responses to “”

  1. Funny! Thanks for my morning snicker!!
    Yummy excerpt too……

  2. Nice snake ;)!

    I just bought my copy of all three of the books! Now to read the first three to get caught up with these ones 😉


  3. OMG…I love your take on men pic, Jess! Too funny 😃 And I loved reading Hidden Fire and want Garreth for myself…move over Jenna *wink* *wink*


    • I loved your review on Kindle, Phuong. Thank you!
      And, um, i think you might have to fight Jenna for Garreth. Now that she has him, I[m not sure she’s gonna let go any time soon.

  4. In this pic, I think the snake is far more tempting than the apple…lol. I’ve got Hidden Fire on my TBR. Great post!

  5. Congrats on the new release! That is quite a picture. You always see women painted that way but I’ve never seen a man. Very cool

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