Because You Love Me release

Hee hee–I had a bit of fun with yesterday’s question. Bet you’re wondering how it relates to today’s post!

So depending on your answer to the question which is hotter, I thought I’d offer some story options.

If you like two rough and tumble cowboys who like to share, Because You Love Me features Matt and Mark James – identical twins! and sexy ranchers.

If you prefer a sweet, sexy doctor with very good bedside manners, check out Because of You. Caleb James can take my temperature any day of the week!

If you enjoy some hardcore m/m action in your story, then send me some positive mojo (lol), the last book in the Just Because trilogy, Because It’s True, is currently in my editor’s hands. It’s my first m/m story and it features the youngest James brother, Jacob, and super sexy city cop, Rodney.

And speaking of the Just Because trilogy…drum roll please…the second book, Because You Love Me releases TODAY!

Safety in numbers? Depends on what you mean by safe

Bridget Wilder’s life is shot to hell—literally—when she witnesses the murder of her best friend, Lyle. Protective custody? What a joke. Time after time, someone has leaked her whereabouts, forcing her to run from one safe house to the next.

Tired of cold, lonely beds and living in fear, Bridget convinces her guardian cop she’s safer off the grid, following Lyle’s trail of clues to a missing flash drive that could put the killer behind bars.

It doesn’t take twins Mark and Matt James long to figure out two things. Bridget’s not only in trouble, she is trouble—they both want her. When things get a little hot and heavy one night, though, they’re stunned to discover that they don’t mind sharing. And she loves being shared.

Between the James brothers’ hot, hard bodies, Bridget finally feels safe—and loved. When a hit man tracks her down, the last thing she wants is for them to place those bodies between her and danger. But those cowboys have other ideas. Like keeping her alive long enough to convince her she belongs with them. Forever.


Walking into the hallway, she locked the door to her room and descended the wide staircase. Glancing in several of the B&B’s common rooms for Todd or Steven, the hotel proprietors, Bridget took a few minutes to study the beautifully restored old home. When they’d arrived yesterday afternoon, Rodney had hustled her to their room immediately, sequestering her there while he checked out the property and secured food for their dinner. It felt good to be free.

She was about to cross the foyer to check the other side of the house when the front door opened. Her new habit of hide first, ask questions later emerged and she panicked, trying to dodge back the way she’d come. In her haste to escape, her foot caught on the edge of the Oriental rug, and she took a hard tumble.

Four boot-covered feet appeared before her. She felt strong hands on either side reaching down to help her up.

“Sorry,” she said, keeping her head down. It was foolish to think anyone in this small, middle-of-nowhere town would know who she was, but Rodney had taught her well in the art of making herself as invisible as possible. She fought to suppress her trembling hands. Her heart was racing a mile a minute. God, why did she have to be frightened of her own shadow? She hated living like this, feeling this way.

“You okay, miss?”

All of Rodney’s tutoring went out the window as her nipples pebbled and a slight shiver of arousal wove its way through her body. She lifted her face to see the owner of that deep, sexy-as-hell voice. Identical faces etched with concern greeted her.

She opened her mouth to speak, but no sound emerged. Standing before her were twin Greek gods, kings of the western frontier, complete with rugged, dimpled cheeks, blue eyes that—honest to God—twinkled, and shaggy, made-for-running-her-fingers-through dark brown hair only partially concealed by cowboy hats.

If she’d lived a hundred years ago, she would have felt compelled to fucking swoon. Instead, her twenty-first-century sensibilities took over and she simply muttered, “Holy double wow.”

Both men grinned widely at her ridiculous comment. “I take it that means you’re not hurt, darlin’.”

Her pussy clenched at his term of endearment. Could there be anything hotter than a gorgeous cowboy calling her darlin’ with that slight country twang? Briefly she imagined him—hell, who was she fooling, them—whispering it to her while they lay together naked in bed.

She cleared her throat and forced herself to stop staring—and drooling—like a love-struck teenage girl. “I’m fine. Clumsy and embarrassed, but otherwise unscathed.”

The hot cowboy on her left chuckled. “Unscathed, huh? Pretty talk. Where are you from?”

“New York,” she confided before her brain engaged to scream a warning. Jesus. Rodney should have locked her in the room. She was going to blow their cover in under thirty seconds, and all because of a couple good-looking men. Stupidity due to horniness was not something her cop friend would forgive easily.

“City girl,” the other cowboy said, though his tone indicated interest more than disdain.

She nodded, determined to keep her mouth shut before any more little tidbits—like the fact she was hiding out from a corrupt judge—fell from her desperate-to-taste-the-cowboys lips.

“I take it you’re one of the guests staying here?” her hot cowboy number one asked.

She paused, decided the question was harmless and nodded once more.

“So what brings a city girl to our neck of the woods?” This question was posed by hot cowboy number two.

She and Rodney had sketched out a rough explanation for their visit with the intention of refining it this morning. Now, it appeared she would have to fly by the seat of her pants. “I’m here with my half-brother.” Shit, five words in and she was already straying from the script. She and Rodney had agreed to pose as a couple, but for some reason, she didn’t want these two men to think she was in a relationship.

That thought led to a major internal eye-roll.

Right, Bridget, like you have so much time to try to hook up with a cowboy—or two.

“Vacation or business?”

“Vacation,” she said. “I’ve always wanted to try my hand at being a cowgirl.” Where the fuck had that come from? She’d never considered such a thing in her life until laying eyes on these two Wonders of the Western World.

“Well, now. If you need some help with that, Matt and I are pretty good teachers.”

Matt. Cowboy number one had a name.

“You teach a lot of cowgirls the ropes, do you?” she asked with a lilt in her voice. Christ, could her flirting be any more obvious? Why not post a sign on her forehead that said, Hasn’t been laid in a year.

Matt’s smile grew, his dimples deepening. A girl could fall into those bottomless caverns on his chiseled face and never be found again. She could think of worse places to get lost. “My brothers and I own the ranch next door. We train horses, give riding lessons. Stuff like that. We’d be more than happy to help you give that cowgirl lifestyle a whirl if you’re interested. We’ll even supply the rope if that’s what you fancy.”

Because You Love Me is available at SamhainAmazon, and Barnes and Noble.

Feeling playful with today’s question…

If you could sneak a peek at an unpublished story, would it be…

Because It’s True

Western Ties


Remember–leave a comment and you’re entered for a chance to win a prize at the end of the week.

26 Responses to “Because You Love Me release”

  1. Western Ties. I want Sawyer…NOW! Congratulations on the new the release. 🙂

  2. Good morning, Mari

    Unless I can read the entire story, I prefer not to read any of it. Now, if I can read it all, I’m not sure which story to pick. I kind of like everything you write so ……….

    On a different note, when you retire, I like the idea of a bookstore where I can have a glass of wine. I’d be sure to visit.

  3. Western Ties!!! Pretty please with a cherry on top :). Can’t wait to read Sawyer’s story. Am stocking up on tissues tho.

  4. Regina Ross Says:

    Western Ties 🙂 Congrats on your new release !!!

  5. Because It’s True

    Happy release day!

  6. It’s gotta be Western Ties but then again, since I just finished reading Because You Love Me, I want Because It’s True too 😃

  7. Happy Release Day!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing an excerpt.

    I want a sneak peek at Western Ties.I love this series 🙂

  8. Without a doubt it would be Western Ties! I adore that series!

  9. I’ll take a peek at Screwdriver, please!

    Congrats on your new release, the excerpt sounds fantastic!

  10. I think I would pick Screwdriver.
    Congrats on your release!! It sounds great!!!

  11. I would love a sneak peek at Screwdriver.

    Happy Release Day Mari!

  12. Lindsey E Says:

    First thought is Western Ties. Release day is always fun.

  13. Happy Release Day, Mari. I vote for Screwdriver.

  14. I think I would like a sneak peak at Because It’s True.

    Thanks for the chance


  15. Monique Ito Says:

    Because It’s True. Because I hope it is about Jacob. I love this series and I want him to have a story too. I am reading Because You Love Me.

  16. Western Ties for the win! Good luck with your m/m!

  17. I love the sound of all of these stories. I think I would like to see “Screwdriver”.

  18. Western Ties or Because It’s True. Because, well… 😉

  19. Screwdriver

  20. Courtney S Says:

    Since I LOVE reading M/M, I think I’d like a peek at Because It’s True.

  21. I agree with Terri; I don’t want to be teased with what I can’t have now–unless I can read the whole thing 😀 If so… Western Ties!

  22. Because It’s True. I just really like the name.

  23. PaParanormalFan (Renee' S.) Says:

    Hello Mari,

    Congrats on your new release in your Just Because trilogy, the second book, “Because You Love Me”, I know it will be an GREAT as ALL of your Books are.

    For your question, If I could sneak a peek at one of your unpublished story, it would it be;
    “Because It’s True”.

    I just Love the M/M Genres, my eReader is overflowing with HOT, SEXY Erotic ManLove. So Ohhhhh Yeaaaa, I’ll send you ALL Kinds of Cyber Mojo lol your way because I can’t wait to read your 1st M/M
    Story featuring the youngest James brother, Jacob, and super sexy city cop, Rodney.

    I’ll even send that Mojo to your Editor so they will approve it FAST, FAST, FAST LOL so I can read me some hardcore M/M action in the last book of your Just Because trilogy.

    Can you tell I’m excited for You & excited for Me as your Fan because I know it will be Over-The-Top EXCELLENT, like the hard work you put into all your Books,

    Take Care & Happy Release,
    Renee’ S.

  24. Most definitely Western Ties.. Although I hate the idea of no more Compton Brothers, I just can’t wait to read it!

  25. Cheryl S. Says:

    I’m most anxious for Western Ties, but I kinda don’t want to read it, either because I’m not ready for the end of the series.

  26. Again, this is not fair. I want a sneak peek at all three of them. If I have to choose one, it would be Western Ties. No, maybe Because It’s True, that’s your first m/m book, right? Congrats on the new release.


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