Summer Holidays

It doesn’t get much better than this! Tribe Cahill is on their annual holiday and although The Kid is the only one with us the whole time we’re managing to have a great time out on the water. The weather has been great, so great that most of us have been a little burned even when we’ve taken extra care to cover up. Spending most of the time in the water will that though. 🙂

We’ve got another week and while I have internet it isn’t the best so I’ve been out of the loop on a lot of things. 😦 I don’t like that. Anyway, we’re off to check out some stingrays today so if I can get some decent pix I’ll share them later in the week.

Hope you’re all having a great New Year!


2 Responses to “Summer Holidays”

  1. Gorgeous pics. So jealous and can’t wait for the stingray pics. Have fun;)

  2. Mary Preston Says:

    Looks wonderful!!

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