And The Winner Is…

Drumroll please… Toni Horton! Congratulations!

You’ve won a copy of KING OF SWORDS. (Please email me at biancadarc at with your format preference.) Meanwhile, here’s a bit more about the story you’ve won:

King of Swords, Arcana Book 1

David is a newly retired special ops soldier, looking to find his way in an unfamiliar civilian world. His first step is to visit an old friend, the owner of a bar called The Rabbit Hole on a distant space station. While there, he meets an intriguing woman who holds the keys to his future.

Adele has a special ability, handed down through her family. Adele can sometimes see the future. She doesn’t know exactly why she’s been drawn to the space station where her aunt deals cards in a bar that caters to station workers and ex-military. She only knows that she needs to be there. When she meets David, sparks of desire fly between them and she begins to suspect that he is part of the reason she traveled halfway across the galaxy.

Pirates gas the inhabitants of the station while Adele and David are safe inside a transport tube and it’s up to them to repel the invaders. Passion flares while they wait for the right moment to overcome the alien threat and retake the station. But what good can one retired soldier and a civilian do against a ship full of alien pirates?

On a more personal note, I’ve really enjoyed my first time ever as Blog Overlord here on the IH blog. Thank you all for welcoming me so very nicely! 😀

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