Hot Stuff in Outer Space

As promised, today we’re going to talk a little bit about science fiction romance. This is one of my favorite sub-genres of romance. Why? Because I’m a card carrying geek at heart. My first “real” job (as in full time) was running a laboratory. I’ve also been reading science fiction and fantasy – without the romance – since I was about thirteen. As I got older, I graduated to romance and then I started looking around to see if the two existed in the same book anywhere.

I found a few, but not many. Finally, in about 2005, I discovered there were small press publishers out there publishing sci fi romance, but they were in electronic form. I wasn’t too hard to convince to try ebooks. Especially not when I could get my two favorite genres together in one book!

I’d been writing the stuff for a while, just for my own enjoyment, but I’d never thought I could actually get any of it published. It wasn’t the kind of stuff you found on bookstore shelves, after all. But these newfangled ebook thingies… now there was an opportunity! I decided to submit some of my work to this new publisher called Samhain (I liked the name) in late 2005 and, well, you probably know the rest.

Now that you have the back story, let me tell you a bit about my newest venture into the world of sci fi romance. The Jit’suku Chronicles is a collection of stories I stated writing a very long time ago. Remember I told you how I’d been writing SF romance for my own enjoyment? Well, two of those novels are the basis for the entire world behind these stories. Those two novels aren’t quite ready for release yet because I think you need the set up for this world, which is what I’ve just started releasing last month.

The first installment is a novella called KING OF SWORDS, which takes place at what I consider the “beginning” of the generational saga that is The Jit’suku Chronicles. There will be four “kings” altogether, to mirror the four kings of the tarot deck. The second story was released right before Christmas and is called KING OF CUPS. Oh, and I should mention the covers for both books were created by none other than our own Valerie Tibbs! Didn’t she do a great job? I love these covers!

Two more stories from later in the timeline – like a century or more – are also available. While the Arcana series deals with a time when the human race and jit’suku are fighting along the galactic rim, the Sons of Amber stories are from a much later time, after the war has taken a terrible turn. A bioweapon has wiped out most human males. A geneticist named Dr. Amber Waithe creates a group of men who are immune to the bioweapon, whose job it is to repopulate the human race. One by one, the Sons of Amber start to fall in love.

The first two Sons stories are EZEKIEL and MICHAEL. Both are available separately as ebooks and together in a single print volume called SONS OF AMBER: EZEKIEL AND MICHAEL. Clever titling, eh? 😉

Each of the Sons is designed with different character traits. Zeke is a risk taker, which is how he ends up crash landing on a supposedly deserted planet among a group of humans who were never exposed to the alien bioweapon. Mike is into discipline and has risen to a high rank in the space defense forces working to keep the Milky Way Galaxy safe while the human race recovers.

The Chronicles are very near and dear to my heart. The first steps in this saga started back when I wasn’t even published. Visiting this world is like spending time with old friends. I have a few series that feel that way to me, but this was one of the first, which makes it special to me.

I’m finishing up the next dragon book right now (also a world very near and dear to me) and editing my April 17th paranormal release (BROTHERHOOD OF BLOOD: WOLF HILLS), but as soon as those things are finished, I plan to work on the next novella in the Arcana series. So it shouldn’t be too long before another of the Chronicles comes out. I hope you enjoy playing in that possible future as much as I do!

Now, since you were such good sports and let me yak about these books I love, how about we do a little drawing? I’ll pick one person at random from the folks who comment on this post. You have until Friday the 6th at midnight Pacific time to comment and I’ll announce the winner on Saturday. What do you get? Why, an ebook, of course! How about a copy of KING OF SWORDS so you can dip your toes in the world of The Jit’suku Chronicles? Good luck! 😀

12 Responses to “Hot Stuff in Outer Space”

  1. I’m also a geek at heart. I spent my youth fantasizing about Star Wars and Star Trek heroes (and villains), and burying myself in all the sci-fi I could find at the library! I just love sci-fi romance. It’s my fav sub-genre, too! So glad to read the backstory of the Arcana books, and now knowing that the Sons books are linked as well, I’m definitely interested in reading those, too. Your world-building is just amazing in your books. You have one great imagination (and it’s plenty naughty, too!). 🙂

  2. Courtney S Says:

    The whole Jit’suku world sounds really interesting. I’m a closet geek myself (I grew up watching shows like Quantum Leap, Misfits of Science, & I’ve seen all of the Star Wars & Star Trek movies…lol), so I’m slowly dipping my toes in the SciFi romance reading pool.

  3. I have read and am currently reading a scif fi romance and I would love to have another one to read and explore new worlds

  4. Toni Horton Says:

    I’ve not read any of this series but after that entry I am looking forward to it! Sounds very interesting with the potential for jealousies and hot make up scenes. I love Resonance Mates Series, so I imagine I will love this one too!!

  5. I haven’t read to much sci-fi but I have enjoyed what I have read.

  6. *grins* I confess that I fell for your writing with your dragons, but soon after, I found Sons of Amber and I’ve enjoyed every second of those! *laughs* If asked for a favorite book of yours, or even a series, I’d be hard pressed to decide!

  7. Hey B! I love every one of your books I’ve read, starting with the Dragons where I started reading you and would love King of Swords with $ tight at the moment as it is for most now.
    I love romantic scifi too.

  8. val you did a great job with the covers and bianca love the books

  9. I love your Resonance Mates series and this sounds just as good 🙂

    smaccall AT

  10. Tina Spears Says:

    Loved your Brotherhood of blood series and your Resonance Mates series. I love sci-fi romance books cant wait to read these.

  11. Nancy Gilliland Says:

    I’ve had both Sons of Amber books since soon after I discovered your books. You were my very first ebook and I have continued to read and reread all my favorites, especially thedragons. Need to pick up the Kings next payday-those covers by Val are stunning!

  12. I love scifi, Bianca–might have had something to do with the fact that I had a brother who was a Trekkie and we grew up in the original Star Wars era 😉 Used to read a lot of straight scifi and am thrilled that there’s more and more scifi romance now. Love the sounds of your Sons of Amber and Jit’suku Chronicles!

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