Let’s Start Off the Year Right!

Sorry for the delay in getting back here today. I had a little problem yesterday… my monitor has been making funny noises for the past day or two, then last night it just went caput. I was barely able to shut down my computer properly (another problem because it has shut off in the middle of stuff recently and now has to perform checkdisk every time I start it up – Ack!) before the screen gave up the ghost. Pity.

Personally, I think Valerie Tibbs jinxed it because she was making fun of my “tiny” 17-inch monitor. 😛 So the first thing on the agenda this morning was a trip to Costco to see what I might find. Almost $400 later (because you know I bought way more than just a monitor), I am now the proud owner of a 23-inch monitor. That’s the biggest screen I’ve ever had on a computer. Can I get a woo-hoo?!

I had to demolish my desk and half the room to do it, but I’m now using my snazzy new monitor. (Must get back to cleaning in a minute, but wanted to post here first, since I’m “in charge” this week. LOL.)

I originally intended to talk a bit about my new books today, but I’m going to have to do a drive by posting because my office space is really in bad shape and will take hours and hours of cleaning and sorting to get back in order. So let’s do something even more fun instead. How about you guys comment on this post and tell me if you’ve read my books – or if you haven’t (I don’t mind either way. Truly!) – and which genres you like best and why.

For example, you could say you like my dragon books best because you like the idea of flying. Or you could say you’ve never read any of my work, but boy, those werecats look good. *snicker* You get the idea, I think. Just comment on this blog post and tomorrow – computer willing – I’ll come back and pick someone at random to win their choice of one of the following books in ebook form:

King of Swords (Arcana 1)

King of Cups (Arcana 2)

Hiddent Talent (StarLords 1)

Maiden Flight (Dragon Knights 1)

One & Only (Brotherhood of Blood 1)

Rare Vintage (Brotherhood of Blood 2)

Phantom Desires (Brotherhood of Blood 3)

Inferno (Tales of the Were)

Cat’s Cradle (String of Fate 1)

Warrior’s Heart (Gift of the Ancients 1)

Dragon Storm (Dragon Knights)

Jaci’s Experiment (Resonance Mates 3)

Grady’s Awakening (Resonance Mates 4)

Those are the ones on this computer. LOL. I recently discovered I didn’t have ALL my final files as I should, so I’m in the process of piecing them together from old emails. Very tedious. But I think that’s a big enough list to go from for this purpose, right? 🙂

Comment away – you have until midnight Pacific time and I’ll announce the winner tomorrow. Good luck! Oh, and I’ve peppered this post with a few of the bookcovers, just to give it some visual appeal – and as a not-so-sublte hint for those of you who’ve never read my work, that I write both m/f and m/f/m erotic romance. I told ya today was going to be fun! 😉





16 Responses to “Let’s Start Off the Year Right!”

  1. So far I’ve only read your dragon books. And might I say I fkn LOVED them!! 🙂 I like to read it all. Some days I feel like living in the para world and sometimes I lilke a little more contemp spin on my reading so I read anything and everything! 🙂


  2. I have read several of your series but my favorite is the Resonance Mates series. I think you might remember me bugging you about Harry’s book! I have loved each of your books but my favorite besides the Resonance Mates is Sweeter than Wine. Great story! Thanks for the giveaway! I would love Maiden Flight for my Kindle!

  3. Well I’m gonna make it easy and say I’ve read all your books and loved them all. Congrats on the new monitor. I hope 2012 brings you much success and happiness. I’m waiting on Harry’s story;))

  4. I have enjoyed the pleasure of your books to date, but I love your stie and all of the book covers. Now I can’t decide which one to read first, Sweeter Than Wine, or Lords of the Were. Happy New Year and happy new monitor. lisagk(at)yahoo(dot)com

  5. REGINA ROSS Says:



  6. I have yet to read one of your books (DON’T SHOOT ME WITH DRAGON FIRE) But I have a few on my kindle if that counts.

    Good luck with your new monitor. I need to get a desktop just incase *knocks on wood* my laptop takes a crapper on me like the last one did.

  7. Definitely a big whoo-hoo on that monitor, Bianca. As for your stories, I have read so many, it’s hard to pick just one series. Though I must admit, your Dragon Knight’s got me totally hooked on dragon heroes, and I have Dragon Storm up next on my wish list.

    Happy New Year

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  8. Since I already said I loved your Resonance Mates series and am anxiously awaiting Harry’s story (nudge nudge)…. Lords of the Were was the first book I bought of yours and it’s what led me to R.M. and that’s the series that made you one of my favs. I thought LotW was a great story – fairies, vampires, and possessive werewolves – and just hot hot hot. Good luck in 2012!

  9. Courtney S Says:

    I have to say that I haven’t read any of your books, but the covers DO look yummy.


  10. I have read everyone of your Brotherhood of Blood and if I’m not mistaken there is still one more friend that doesn’t have her HEA. 🙂 I will admit a couple of things about the series:

    1. First books I ever bought from Samhain.
    2. The only books that I have ever read of yours. ***hangs head in shame**

    I would love to read your weres since I loved your vamps so much

    Marika Weber

  11. Yes, I have read two of your books but for the life of me I can’t remember the names! Both are ebooks and my computer ate a bunch of my ebook files! I am actually going to fix my computer tomorrow and get my books from my backup drive. Is that TMI?

  12. I’ve read several of your books/series and loved them. I love to win one but I can’t tell you which one yet. I’d have to go through my books and see which ones I missed.

  13. Gosh, I know how you feel. Some years back my computer up and died on me. Had to get a new one. Now I’m worried the one I have now is going to die on me too. Well, it is old for computers but still. LOL
    I have a few of your books. Not as many as I’d like though. 🙂 So thank you for the chance to win one!


  14. Katherine Says:

    So far I’ve only read Hara’s Legacy. You’ve got so many other interesting titles – there at least half a dozen I’d like to read!

  15. I have read none of your books, but you are on my list of authors to read. Yeah it’s a long list, and my TBR pile has hit the point where I’m not allowed to buy anything until I get it back under control. But I would happily read any of your books -preferably one at the start of a series- as i do so enjoy reading new authors

  16. I love everything of yours that I have read so far. I am excited that I have more to read! Love those dragons. (I kind of have a ddragon fetish. LOL)

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