In 2012 I Will…

So, New Year’s resolutions… A hideous curse? A demented necessity? A fun tradition? A cruel trick we play on our hopes and fears? All of the above? For me, yes. But damn, I love making them. So, as the final hoorah for 2011, here are my New Year’s Resolutions. Ready?

1/ Laugh more. In 2011 I spent too much time beating myself up over failures, being too angry with my family and forgetting my personal motto: to measure success not by how much money is in my bank accout, but by how much I laugh. 2012 is the year of the phenomenal success for me, ie, I plan to laugh my butt off 🙂

2/ Speaking of butts. My second New Year’s resolution is to get rid of mine. Well most of it. Along with my dimpled thighs, my jelly-belly and my wobbly arms. And yeah, I make this resolution almost every year and fail miserably so I need someone to kick my arse to help me stick to it. Any volunteers? In fact, I’m so serious about this I’m making Wednesday on my blog Weigh-in Wednesday. Oh, and I plan to laugh about the whole thing as I go (see Resolution No. 1)

3/ Enjoy my daughters more. This year I spent too much time splitting my attention to other things when I should have been focussing it on my girls. When your four year old asks you “why do you like your laptop more than me, Mummy?” you know it’s time for a change.

4/ Get a tattoo. I even know what it is. A little green tree frog hanging on to the upper curve of my right butt cheek. The butt cheek that’s going to be firmer and toner and smaller (see Resolution No. 2). Yeah, that butt cheek.

5/ Laugh more. See Resolution No. 1

Happy New Year, Everyone. May 2012 be everything you hope it to be. And to the ladies of International Heat…love you. Lots and lots and lots.




4 Responses to “In 2012 I Will…”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    Resolution #2 had me laughing & nodding. A green tree frog huh??

  2. I like #2 too, I got a pair of those shoes that are suppossed to help shape/tone your theighs and butt and I started losing weight and it worked my butt slimmed down but it still needs work. The jelly belly…after 9 kids I know all about that, I call it my Kangaroo pouch. I wasn’t able to lose anything until I tried the HCG diet, it’s not easy but after doing it twice because you lose it in stages I’ve lost over 40 lbs so far. I have 25-30 more to go.
    Great gols for the rest esp. the family time.
    Happy New Year Lexxie

    • Kangaroo pouch!! Oh, that’s brilliant!

      Okay, starting this Wednesday on my blog you can weigh in with me. Deal? We’ll keep each other honest and kick each other’s shrinking butts when we slacken off. How’s that sound?

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