New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions aren’t something I’ve ever really done. I seem to make promises to myself throughout the year that never happen so making them at the start of a new year seems silly. The problem is my life never goes to plan. With the number of people in our tribe planning is something we try to do but most of the time something comes up and the ‘plan‘ has to change to fit. Usually it’s me that bends, and up until this year I’ve never had a problem with that. But now the tribe are older, wiser and you would hope in control of their own lives. It appears not. I’m still the one that bends and goes without whenever something ‘happens‘. I’m tired of it. So this year I’m definitely making a New Year’s Resolution and I’m putting it here so that I can come back and remind myself of not only what it is but why I should make sure I follow through.

This year, I’m making time for me. Whether that be writing, watching my favorite show, going out to meet up with friends or taking Mr.C on a date, it doesn’t matter, it’s going in my diary and nothing short of death or fire will make me cancel.

I feel completely selfish making this resolution but I’m determined to make Tribe Cahill a little more even in the having a life balance. Besides, I got HEAPS of movies GC’s for Christmas that I have to use. *grin*

So what’s your resolution for this coming year?


4 Responses to “New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    I don’t make resolutions. I never keep them.

  2. Good for you, I did the same two years ago made time for me and things I wanted and needed. I still give up alot but I now get more than I did. I’m planning on losing the last 25-35 pounds I need to lose this next year. To eat a few more vegetarian meals and to be a better blogger. That’s it 3 things I think is enough.

  3. Save up enough money for my trip to America,and plan where I want to go while I’m there

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