New Years Resolution: Bianca and T

T’s New Years Resolutions are….

She doesn’t make any!!

She has one firm Resolution for every New Year she doesn’t make any New Years Resolutions therefore she don’t break any New Years Resolutions! Trust her this is the way to go!!


For all you New Years party goers getting ready to put your part faces on in a few day PLEASE be safe and remember A PARTY IS NOT COMPLETE WITHOUT DESIGNATED DRIVERS!




…and from Bianca…

After that, I’m not really sure what to say. LOL! I suppose I have the same resolutions most of you have – lose weight, eat healthier stuff, exercise more, organize my house. Boring, I know. I guess the one thing I would add to that is, I want to write more. I want to really get back into the swing of things in my writing career.

As you may know, I took a break from writing because of my Mom’s illness and subsequent death. She died two days before Christmas in ’09 and it’s been a long road back for me. The holidays kinda suck now, of course, and what used to be my most productive time of the year (October-December) is now the most depressing time because I have all these little sad anniversaries as her cancer got worse and worse.

New Years needs to truly become a turning point for me. I’ve got to get my career, my house, & my life in order, so I suppose I’m going to resolve to do that in 2012. Oh, and start dating more. For a woman who makes her living writing romance novels, there isn’t a whole helluva lot of it in my life right now. That needs to change! LOL.

Of course, if the world ends next December, like the Mayans predicted, then this’ll all be for naught anyway. 😉

Happy New Year, everybody!!!

One Response to “New Years Resolution: Bianca and T”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    I’m the same. No resolutions to break & make me feel bad.

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