Silent Night

Happy Christmas Eve!

This deep in December the music section of my brain is completely full of Holiday songs. Even people who don’t celebrate Christmas, as many of my friends don’t, are humming Frosty the Snowman.

In honor of the season and the day, here are my five favorite Holiday songs:

  1. Little Drummer Boy- this was my grandmother’s favorite Christmas song, and I always think of her when I hear it. Here’s a clip from that animated cartoon just because I love it and when it’s on it feels like Christmas to me.
  2. Christmas Song, by Dave Matthews. It’s not a traditional Christmas song, but I like it.
  3. Santa Claus is Coming to Town
  4. Silent Night- One time my brother and I played this on guitar at the midnight Christmas eve service. My mother claims that it was written for (or maybe it was originally played on) two guitars.
  5. Joy to the World.

To all the parents who may be taking a small break from the madness to read this:

Best of luck compatriots.

I’m childless and drinking.

In honor of the day, here’s The Oatmeal’s interpretation of How Different Age Groups  Celebrate Christmas:

Is it weird that this is still how I feel at Christmas? I laugh every time I read where it says opening presents is like playing air hockey with God.

This reminds me of my cousins, who are receiving coal and cash from me. They probably won't care about the coal as long as they get the cash.

Every time my mother gives me grief about not having kids I'm going to send her this.

Exactly. Party on my friends. Party on.

Happy Christmas and Merry Christmas everyone!

…From Bianca…

Lila’s a hard act to follow, but I’m going to add my Top 5 Christmas songs. For a long time, I didn’t really want to participate in this one, since my taste in music is ecclectic to say the least. Here goes:

5. Handel’s Messiah – One year, I went to the Messiah Sing-In at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center. They have guest conductors for each chorus and professional opera singers for the solos. It was one of the most energizing experiences of my life.

4. The Nutcracker Suite – Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy is probably my favorite. -OR- The Trans-Siberian Orchestra Sarajevo thing. That rock version of Carol of the Bells. Love that! (And yes, I just cheated. But considering The Messiah includes several solos and choruses that I love, I figure I just cheated HUGELY in #5, so squeezing 2 into this one isn’t that bad, by comparison. *hee hee*)

3. Sleigh Ride – the old instrumental version where the horse neighing at the end is done by a trumpet. I love that! It makes me feel all Christmassy and ready for snow. -OR- ANY of the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas CD’s. LOVE the orchestration by super-talented Chip Davis. (And I just cheated again. LOL!)

2. O Holy Night – My one condition on this song is that it sounds way better sung by a legitimate voice. No pop versions please.

1. Ave Maria – The Schubert version is the one most people know, but there’s a more haunting version by Gounod set to a piece by Bach that is absolutely marvelous. It was my mother’s favorite and it really doesn’t have to be Christmas (or a wedding) to hear it. It’s an all-year kind of piece, but it has special meaning to me at Christmas.

Now, go forth and make merry! We always used to open presents at midnight on Christmas Eve when I was a kid. Too impatient, I guess. Hope you all enjoy your presents! And Merry Christmas!

One Response to “Silent Night”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    OH HOLY NIGHT is my favourite. It must be sung properly, with dignity & respect & awe.


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