Sing…sing a song…

…Make it simple to last your whole life long!

This week we’re sharing our favorite songs. I am a HUGE fan of music. It’s very unusual for me to write a book without having a playlist that puts me “in the mood” to tell a story. Narrowing it down to just five is going to be a tough proposition, but here it goes…

Mari, I noticed you hadn’t finished your blog post so I helped you by filling out the first three for you. – Lila

Lila, Thanks so much for your help, but um…no! LOL – Mari

***See what happens when you leave your blog posts unattended on IH? I left Lila’s three choices just for a laugh because I feel certain this will truly show how different Lila and I are.

5 – We R Who We R by Ke$ah (Lila’s suggestion), but really my number 5 is Sometimes When We Touch by Dan Hill. Yeah, those two are close. Snort.

4 – I’m in Miami Bitch by LMFAO (Lila’s suggestion). I do love to dance and if I were going to include a modern club number, it would be the more techno song, Sandstorm, however, my favorite music to dance to is the old 60’s stuff where you find a partner and spin around. Hmmm…maybe Runaround Sue.

3 – Born this Way by Lady Gaga (Lila’s suggestion). Gotta give Lila props. I love, love, love Lady Gaga. BUT my favorite by her is You and I.

2 – This is the part where I cheat…my number two pick is AndSoItGoesFixYouBlackbirdSongbirdForGoodWagonWheel. Hee hee. Managed to score six in one there by leaving out spaces. Think the other IH girls will be fooled?

No. -Lila

1 – And finally…my classic theme song. The one that puts me on the dance floor every time. The one that gets me on stage for Karoake. The one I have instructed my family and friends to play at my funeral.

I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor.

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