Favorite Things: Movies – Jess and T

T’s List

I always hate choosing favorite movies the list is never the same.

First is Burlesque I love that movie I have it on my DVR watch it at least a couple times a week. This probably should belong to the next round of Favorite Things but I think it is more appropriate today my favorite song of the movie is “Show Me How You Burlesque” I thought Cher and Christina did a great job with the movie.


Next Up would be the Fast and the Furious series I love those movies but Fast Five would be my favorite of all of them to date… I mean Paul Walker, Vin Diesel  and Duane ‘The Rock’ Johnson  *sigh* so much macho manliness in one movie should probably be illegal.

Is there anything more sexy than Vin and Duane all sweaty and sexy?!?!?! *sigh* Jambrea says: Yep…if they were KISSING! heehee Look…they are SO close…just…a little bit…more….lol


Ok next up would probably be Independence Day Will Smith and a slightly rugged looking Jeff Goldblum well lets just say ooh la la and yummy yuumy

I know most people don’t think Jeff is sexy but when is all rugged looking I think he is at his sexy best!!


The Lake House is one of my favorite Keeanu Reeves movie. Takes a bit to follow at times but that is the reason for watching it over and over again 😉


I had such a crush on Maxwell Caulfield when this movie came out he was oh so sexy with that Aussie accent *sigh*

I think I know the words to all the songs by memory I have worn out at least 3 VHS tapes of this movie and I know I went through 2 cassette soundtracks I listened to them so much I wore the tape thin. Hmm maybe I should mention to hubby I want this one DVD for Christmas… yep I think I’ll mention that to him.

My favorite Song from the movie – COOL RIDER

Another Favorite — Charades *sigh* He is just so damned sexy in those tight blue jeans

And who can forget REPRODUCTION – I just LOVE this song cracks me up every time I hear it!! (Might not be Work Safe)

ok I mentioned I wore out both VHS and cassette tapes I LOVED This movie!!! Damn now I need to go see if maybe I have this On Demand I want to watch it again… Definitely need to mention to the husband I want this for Christmas 🙂

Well I hope I have entertained everyone today!


Jess’s List

Oh, T. It’s funny you put Grease 2, coz Grease 1 is definitely on my list.

1) One of my bestest movies while growing up!

C’mon. Admit it. You’re singing along!

2) Kay, another all time fave?

When Harry Met Sally.

From the first scene to the last. LOVED IT!

3) This one I’m cheating a little bit. Rather than choosing one of my fave films, this is one of my all time fave scenes from a film. Watching the smiles on their faces, OMG, I smile like an idiot myself:

(Oh, and BTW, when I went looking for this youtube video, I spent ages watching snippets of Nottinghill.

4) Have made Mr 7 and Mr 10 watch this movie repeatedly, coz I adored it so much as a kid:

Seriously, I know there are hundreds of other movies I loved, but right now I cannot seem to remember one of them. So I’ll leave you with this list.


One Response to “Favorite Things: Movies – Jess and T”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    I actually thought GREASE 2 was petty good. I love NOTTING HILL..

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