Favorite Things: Books – Rhian

OMG! This is so hard! There are so many great books on my keeper shelves! I can’t pick the top five! :cries:

*looks over shoulder to see where the rest of the IH girls are* Good, coast is clear.


Tamara’s Spirit by Nicole Austin. I picked this book to review back in my other life 😉 and loved it! Imagine my surprise when little old book reviewer me received a thank you email from Nicole Austin! OMG! I was so thrilled that she would take the time to thank me personally but that wasn’t the end of it. From there we went on to develop a friendship that has lasted four years and Nic is one of the main reasons I’m here now in this life. I can never thank her enough for her encouragement and friendship.

Erotic Research by Mari Carr. This book was the starting point of a crit partnership that has not only stood the test of distance but also the usual friendship struggles. It was just after Erotic Research released that Mari was on the SamhainCafe loop talking about not having a CP and I decided to email her and suggest we try it out. Yes, I know, I still don’t believe I had the nerve to email her off loop. 😳 From our very first email exchanges it was clear we were a good fit. Better than good. I swear, she’s Mr.C’s twin and Mari’s been known to tell me I’m the female version of Mr.Carr a time or two. 🙂

Devils on Horseback: Nate by Beth Williamson. Nate is the first book in the Devils series and it led into me being a beta reader for Beth. I’d been reading the Devils and I think Beth was up to book three when I met her at the 2009 RT in Orlando. I kept asking her where Lee was. I may or may not have threatened to break into her room to steal her laptop when she told me he was on there. 😈  Anyway, I’m sure she spent the rest of the week hiding from me but there was no escape when we found ourselves sharing the shuttle bus to the airport on the final day. 😆  It was not long after that I received an email from Beth asking if I’d like to beta the last two Devils books. Holy hell can you say YES!!! I’ve since had the privilege of being her beta reader for other projects and I’m thrilled beyond belief that she not only lets me read her work before it’s published but that she values what I have to say about it.

The Sun Sword by Lexxie Couper. This book was the start of another great crit partnership and friendship. I recall doing some word wars with Lexx while she was writing this book. While I was in the US in ’09 Lexx tweeted that she’d finished and I complained that my inbox was empty. 😆 Lexx asked if I really wanted to read it warts and all to which I answered ‘stupid question’. 😀 I loved it! And I don’t read sci-fi. 😯 But it was the start of a great writing and personal friendship that sees me driving two hours north regularly so that we can spend the day talking ‘shop’.

Coyote Wild by Rhian Cahill. Yeah, yeah, I know, this is mine but this book was the ‘moment‘ for me. Until I wrote Coyote Wild I was still a little unsure I was doing the right thing pursuing a writing career. When Brogan first came to life inside my head he was so vivid, so REAL that I had to write his story. The words just flew off my fingertips. It took me no time at all to write the book which was another ‘moment‘ for me. Coyote Wild showed me what was inside, what I’d known but wasn’t sure of. I’m a writer, always have been, always will be. Of course then I had to write the other stories in the Coyote Hunger series too. 😀



What books have you read that had a profound effect on your life or you just can’t forget?



2 Responses to “Favorite Things: Books – Rhian”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    I recently read STILL ALICE by Lisa Genova, it was brilliant & hit close to home as my Father has Alzheimer’s. It has stayed with me.

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