Favourite Things: Books – Jayne and Lexxie

Jayne’s Favourite Five Books

For the record, I want to state that picking just five is impossible.  So here is my best try (and yes I cheated by doing some series!):

1. Men of August – Lora Leigh – The first erotic romances I read that made me think, “THIS is what I want to read.”  And later… “THIS is what I want to write like.”  I was so sucked in by Marly’s Choice, which I happened upon totally by accident in a half price bookstore, that I turned the last page and went straight to Ellora’s Cave website which was advertised in the back of the book.  From there I ended up buying my very first ebook because I couldn’t wait another minute to have the next story.  The rest is history 🙂

2. Troubleshooters – Suzanne Brockmann – No, I absolutely can not pick just one… I mean if I had to… no.  Can’t do it.  I will say this though, my single favorite HERO is Izzy Zanella.  Some of you might recognize that I even named a character (they have nothing in common other than their name!) in homage to his greatness.  What I love about Suz’s books are the diversity of the characters.  Not just their ethnicity, socioeconomic status, etc. (though that is really diverse too!) but they’re all so different and real.  LOVE her dialog.  Her characters are laugh out loud funny and feel like they could be really cool friends of mine.  Plus the length of the series really allows you to stick with the characters you love.  Sigh

3. Lord of the Rings – JRR Tolkien I have always read a TON but the first books that made me want to reread them again and again were these.  My cousin Kris (hi!) gave me a copy of The Hobbit for Christmas when I was in fifth grade and I devoured it.  I have several copies, have read them no less than a dozen times, saw all the movies when they released at midnight and even have a cat named Bilbo and one named Frodo.  Trivia facts!

4. Ice Queen – Joey W. Hill  For me this is just a great example of the kind of books I aspire to write.  It has substance, emotion, creative dirty sex scenes and fabulous craft.  I read this book very early on in my introduction to erotic romance and remember it to this day.

5. Smoke Screen – Sandra Brown – I’m not going to lie… here too, I love pretty much all of her books but this one and Hello Darkness have stood the test of time.  They hooked me in and had me flipping pages so fast I’m surprised I didn’t slice my fingers off with a massive papercut.  I love the edgy, naughty bits she throws in too.  Mainstream but with a vein of taboo.  Love them!

Lexxie’s Favourite Five Books

Are you kidding? Only five favourite books? Damn…

1/ Catch 22 (Joseph Heller) I read this once a year. Always once a year. Yossarian was my very first literary character crush. I love its biting satire, its cutting absurdism, its poignant message and its brutal illustration of the pointlessness of war.

2/ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series (Douglas Adams) For a sci-fi geek like me, the HHGTTG series is like a bible. I will regularly quote it to complete strangers as a litmus test. If they can tell me where their towel is, they’re awesome 😉 I know there are six books but I’m counting them as a whole because I’m cheating. Besides, Mari got to list the Harry Potter series as one book *grin*

3/ IT (Stephen King) There isn’t a book out there as scary, petrifying and awesome as IT. Its exploration of childhood is so haunting and terrifying and yet, at the same time, so wonderfully uplifting it’s like being on an extreme emotional rollercoaster reading it. And I dare you to read it and not look at a street drain the same way…

4/ Welcome to Temptation (Jennifer Crusie) One of the best laugh-out-loud rom-coms out there. With a naughty heroine, a sexy hero and real dialogue, I can’t get enough of it.

5/ The Talisman and Black House (Stephen King and Peter Straub) Oh man, I can’t even begin to find the words to describe how much I love these two books that tell one story: Jack Sawyer’s story. My second ever literary crush was the grown Jack we meet in Black House. If you’ve never read any King, read these two. I promise you will love them.

2 Responses to “Favourite Things: Books – Jayne and Lexxie”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    I personally thinking cheating is a pre-requisite to making these lists.

  2. Jayne, Men of August is my #1 favorite book (EVER) followed by her others, althourh I haven’t gotten around to reading the last 2 or 3. I much prefer ebooks that you can make notes on and then find easily. You are in my top ten authors and I think I have all but 3 or 4 of your books now, a book at a time

    Lexxie, I love all you books and can’t believe that you like Stephen King. Horror is not on my list, even at the bottom. While I;m not fond of the books you read I have loved your books and have almost all of them. Still working on that.

    Too Many books, Too Little time!!!!


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