Favorite Things: Books – Valerie and Bianca

Here are mine.  Boy, these are harder than the 5 favorite authors!


  1. Colter’s Woman by Maya Banks
  2. Calista’s Men by Jory Strong
  3. Tri Mates by Lauren Dane
  4. Nice and Naughty by Jayne Rylon Calling the Wild by Lila Dubois
  5. Enforcer by Lauren Dane

If these books came to life it would not be sweet and poignant. The chick would NOT have on clothes.

There are soooo many more, it’s hard to just pick the top five!

Valerie's House.

…and now from Bianca…

Five favorite books. Five is really limiting! But if I had to pick just five, not in any particular order, and limiting myself strictly to romance…

1. Iron Heart, Lost Warriors, Exile’s End, or really any of Rachel Lee’s Conard County series

2. Forever Blue, Prince Joe, The Admiral’s Bride, or any of Suzanne Brockmann’s Tall, Dark & Dangerous SEALs

3. Mackenzie’s Mountain (and the rest of the series) by Linda Howard

4. Once in Paris by Diana Palmer (this is probably the hottest book she ever wrote – wish she’d done more like this one!)

5. Dark Symphony or Dark Destiny or most of the other Carpathian books by Christine Feehan

I cut my teeth on Harlequin/Silhouette books. Even though I don’t really read them anymore, some of those old stories remain total comfort reads for me that I go back to every year or so to remind me of my roots, I guess. *shrug*

You know, five is really too limiting. I didn’t even get to my favorite current authors! Sheesh.

3 Responses to “Favorite Things: Books – Valerie and Bianca”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    I’ve added to my reading list AGAIN!!

  2. OMG!!! The blog ninja strikes again!!! BWHAHAHAHAHAH!

  3. Oh that crazy blog ninja…

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