Favorite Things: Authors – T and Lila

T’s Top Books

I can’t believe Mari was cruel enough to limit us to five authors! Really just five how am I expected to choose just five?!?! Of course it doesn’t help that my favorites list changes from one week to the next. This week’s favorite authors are and in no particular order.

Gabrielle Evans

Lila Dubois

Lynn Hagen

Stormy Glenn

Lila Dubois

Joyee Flynn

Scarlett Hyacinth

Lila Dubois

Lavinia Lewis

Amber Kell


Lila Dubois

That’s five right… Let me count again 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…5… 5… Yep that’s five…. What you think my math is off don’t you?!?!

Oh I almost forgot Laurell K. Hamilton and Sherrilyn Kenyon two of my must stop everything and read right away authors but according to my math that still makes 5 😉 he he

Lila’s Top Authors

I see nothing wrong with your math, or your list 😀 but I’m really not the person to ask.

I’m going to base this authors whose books I hoard–while also purchasing ebook copies (it’s weird, right? oh well). I’m sitting in the office, looking at my bookcase, and based on that it’s pretty clear who my top five are.

  1. Gaelen Foley – Oh, how I love you. Your whole series. Hands down she writes the best tortured historical heroes in the business. I will fight anyone who says otherwise. No, it won’t be a fair duel–I’ll prison-yard shank you.
  2. Jacquelyn Frank – The Nightwalkers made me remember why I love paranormal romance. Plus she’s one sassy diva. ❤
  3. Jim Butcher – Farm Boy (my husband), my brother and myself have been known to run around my parents house at holidays with wrapping paper tubes yelling “Forzare!” My mom started reading The Dresden Files in self-defense so she could figure out what we were doing. She now has a permanent shield around the kitchen. Butcher’s combination of whit and uber-geek kills me every time. I actually had to get Mari to stop Farm Boy from accosting Shannon Butcher for spoilers at RT in LA.
  4. Kelley Armstrong – Women of the Otherworld is a fantastic series, and there isn’t a book in it I haven’t liked.
  5. Kim Harrison – RACHEL WHY DON’T YOU LOVE IVY? *sob*

Print books - and this is after a massive purge.

4 Responses to “Favorite Things: Authors – T and Lila”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    Who’s counting??

  2. Margie Hager Says:

    Yay Lila! Another Gaelyn Foley fan. I’ve just started reading her books, the more recent series. I met her last yaer at a book signing and she is so sweet. She even had a notebook with pics of dress designs so we could see what Regency gowns looked like. Can’t believe that she lives so close to me. The local paper did a big article about her. And I really enjoy Kim Harrison’s series too.

  3. ROFL! Great lists, ladies! And LOL, Lila 😉

  4. I only counted 5 and I was top in my class for Math, no serious I have the Bank of America award to prove it!!!
    Lila, Farm Boy kills me! He’s like my husband trying to info from someone.

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