Favorite Things: Authors – Jayne’s & Bianca’s Top Authors

OMG I can only pick FIVE favorites?!?!  This is TOUGH.  I adore reading.  I’ll read most anything I can get my hands on but there are several dozen authors who compel me to read everything they write (ahem Jaci Burton, Maya Banks, Eden Bradley, RG Alexander, Lori Foster, Elizabeth Lowell, Joey W. Hill, Jory Strong, Samantha Kane, Catherine Mann, Cherry Adair, Nicole Austin and on and on and on).  So… here are a few though the top five might shift around from time to time.  At this moment…

5. Cara McKenna – Okay, Cara’s here on the list at five but only because I haven’t had time to read all of her books yet.  If you haven’t tried them…  RUN.  Right now.  Or at least click on over to your favorite ebook seller.  I started out with Dirty Thirty (YUM!), moved on to Skin Game (I heart Ian forever!!!) and then I hit the motherload.  Oh, Curio.  It’s not everyday I find another erotic romance author writing first person about prostitutes.  But here you have it, a male whore.  I have a lot of favorite books at one time or another but honestly, I think Curio will hold that spot for a long time to come.  Her voice is witty, insightful and poetic.  It’s about sex and thinking (which I find very sexy).

4. Shayla Black – I don’t have an elaborate reason for this one.  All I can say is that when I read her books, I am totally sucked in.  The pages fly by and I think these are exactly the kinds of books I would like to write if I were talented enough to pull it off.  I remember waiting EONS for Delicious to come out (I’m not very patient!) and I devoured Luc’s story in a single sitting.

3. Lora Leigh – The first time I saw an Ellora’s Cave book it was Marly’s Choice in the Half Price Bookstore I frequented while making my way through grad school.  The moment I turned the last page, I went straight to their website to see if there were more books in the series and from this author.  This led very shortly after to my first ebook purchase because I couldn’t NOT read the rest of the Men of August series.  My life was changed forever that day.  I knew this is what I wanted to read more of and one day decided to give writing a shot in the erotic romance genre.  It all started here and I still have to wonder… who was crazy enough to sell that book to the second hand bookstore?!  I’m not sure, but boy am I glad they did.

2.  Sandra Brown – Why so high on my list?  Great dialog, lots of plot twists, steamy (and lots of time with some kind of naughty taboo edge disguised as mostly mainstream) sex scenes.  I never get tired of Sandra Brown books and I remember them vividly even years after I’ve read them.  The mark of a truly good book!  I have to say, one of the things that blew my mind about the whole NYT thing is that Eastern Ambitions was touching Sandra Brown’s latest book.  I almost had a heart attack!

1.  Suzanne Brockmann – I LOVE her SEALs.  I remember tearing through every single book of hers I could find at the library (my fanaticism started way back in my poor college student days), then the local bookstore then amazon and finally ebaying the out of print stories I couldn’t get anywhere else.  I paid some ridiculous amounts of money for the old Silhouette Intimate Moments ones and I place the blame on her shoulders for the fact that I now own EVERY SINGLE Silhouette Intimate Moment ever published (random fact for you!).  For me, the magic of her books is all in the characters.  I think she could write about them hanging out and watching TV and it would still be funny, interesting and a book I would read.

I can only hope that someday I write a fraction as well as these authors who have entertained and inspired me.


…From Bianca

As the newest member of this blog, I’m going to keep my list short and sweet. At least I hope so! LOL

(She’s trying to avoid the new member hazing. Anne still hasn’t recovered)

5. I totally agree with Jayne on Suzanne Brockmann. I fell in love with her ficticious SEAL team a long, long time ago and re-read them from time to time when I need a “comfort read.”

4. My guilty secret is my love of Diana Palmer books. Oh, how I love those mean heroes of hers! There’s just something about how she gets her heroes and heroines together that makes my tummy clench every single time. Dayum! (And along the same lines, I’d have to mention the Rachel Lee Conard County series, which I love, love LOVE!)

3. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my love of J.R.R. Tolkein. I first read the Rings when I was 13 years old, and was completely hooked. From there, I went on to devour the entire sci fi & fantasy section of the local libary and bookstore. I didn’t graduate to romance novels until later – when I’d run out of books in the SF&F section. LOL.

2. Since you now know of my love of SF&F, I have to mention the space opera of Elizabeth Moon. Damn, I LOVE those books! The Esmay Suiza books, Vatta’s War, Heris Serano… they are so awesome! Of course, I wish there was more romance in them, but that’s why I write, right? 😉 For action/adventure set in a space military, there’s no better author, IMHO. (Recently, I’ve been enjoying Viola Grace’s Sector Guard short stories too. They’re fun and sort of zany. Not to mention kinky! *snicker*)

1. Oh, the pressure of that little #1 over there <–. I don’t know who to put in this spot! I haven’t really been paying much attention to the numbers here, so please don’t take this as a countdown or anything. Just a list of some of my favorite authors. And 5 is really too few. But – if I have to pick another, I’d probably list Mercedes Lackey. I read her stuff when I was in high school and college. Loved it then and recently did a re-read of most of her Valdemar series. What a terrific imagination!

Hmm… This list doesn’t have a lot of hot romance on it. Sorry about that. I haven’t had much time to read in recent years. When you start writing, you kind of end up not having time for reading, which sort of stinks. But it’s worth it. Now, instead of playing in someone else’s imaginary world, I get to play in my own! I really have to thank those authors who started me off and inspired me to come up with my own stories. The five I’ve listed above are just a few of them.



5 Responses to “Favorite Things: Authors – Jayne’s & Bianca’s Top Authors”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    For me that would be the key phrase – at this moment. It changes constantly.

  2. Margie Hager Says:

    Jayne had me at Shayla Black. And I totally enjoyed Jayne’s Men in Blue books, Compass Brothers and many other of Jaynes books so I am definitely a Jayne fan. Bianca on the other hand, has just added a new fangirl here. I got turned onto Fantasy during highschool when my senior class play was The Hobbit. Devoured Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings after that. And a rabid fantasy fan was born. Oh I read the Kathleen Woodiwiss books at the time, but Fantasy just overtook romance. I thoroughly enjoyed Elizabeth Moon’s Vatta series. And there just are no words for how I feel about Mercedes Lackey’s books, especially her Valdemar series. I’ve veered back heavily to romance books now but will never leave behind my favorite Fantasy authors. Aren’t books(paper and e-books) grand!!!

  3. Margie – I’ve been talking and talking about Moon’s books, but all I’ve gotten back (until now) were blank stares. You’re awesome! 😀 You’ve totally made my day! And I understand all about “veering” back toward romance books. I just can’t seem to write anything that doesn’t have a love story in it. LOL. But for reading, those old favorites will always be in my heart. I recently went back and bought ebook versions of Mercedes Lackey’s books off Amazon – all the Valdemar and related ones I could get – and was saddened by the horrendous typos they left in the books. Appalled, really. It was so easy to tell all they’d done was slam the printed pages through an OCR scanner and didn’t even take time to proofread the results. I felt insulted that I’d paid $7.99 each for all those books and they were chock-full of mistakes left over from the OCR. 😦 Still, it was great to re-read them all again and now that I have electronic versions, I can read them whenever the mood strikes! 🙂

    • Margie Hager Says:

      Bianca, I’ve also enjoyed Elizabeth Moon’s Paksworld books. Although I haven’t gotten to the new series yet. Bet we have lots of other author likes in common. It was Jean Johnson’s Sons of Destiny series that got me back to reading romance.

  4. Great lists and I read the LOTR books as a kid and they just didn’t click for me but I sure do love the movies!!!!

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