Favorite Things: Authors – Valerie and Mari

Valerie’s Top Five favorite authors.  This is harder than I thought.  I have more than five, so it’s hard to decide!  Besides all of the IH ladies, here are my top five in no particular order:

  1. Maya Banks
  2. Janet Evanovich
  3. Jaci Burton
  4. Carly Phillips
  5. Jill Shalvis

Mari’s Top Five favorite authors. I’m with Valerie. This is a damn tough question to answer. I’m not including the International Heat gals either, but I can assure you, they are at the very top of my list! So…here it goes:

  1. Diana Gabaldon
  2. JK Rowling
  3. Janet Evanovich
  4. Maggie Casper
  5. Sharyn McCrumb

3 Responses to “Favorite Things: Authors – Valerie and Mari”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    Great lists, once again.

    I find I am being reminded of authors I may have been neglecting of late.

  2. Why is it that no-one mentions one of my faves: Emma Holly?
    Her books are sooo sexy, romantic, well-written. . .

  3. I love Maya too and own some of the others but havena read them.

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