Favorite Things: Authors – Rhian

This is a tough one. You saw my library and those are the books I’ve got left after Mr.C made me cull them when we moved to Singapore in 2007! Okay, let me take a look……

1) Nora Roberts – I have almost all her books. In fact I’m so close to a complete collection I can taste it. I love that she breaks one of the fundamental rules of writing and gets away with it. I want to be her when I grow up. 🙂 Oh, and I have the movies they made of her books as well.

2) Brenda Novak – A recent discovery for me but I love a good romantic suspense story and Brenda does them so well. Her Last Stand series are a favorite but then I haven’t been disappointed by any of her books.

3) Linda Lael Miller – I absolutely LOVE her historical westerns. Her Springwater series was my first intro to Linda and I quickly moved on to her Primrose series followed by her McKettrick men. OMG! *fans self* And there’s her Stone Creek novels and Creed men……

4) Any author who writes a great contemporary. I love nothing better than losing myself in a great contemporary story whether it be a novel or novella. There’s nothing better than turning the pages, or tapping the screen, on a story so enthralling you forget all about the washing or what you’re cooking for dinner. There are some brilliant contemporary authors out there, Lori Foster, Susan Mallery, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, to name just a few.

5) I’ve got so many favorite authors that I can’t pick my top five so I’m cheating. (nobody point out #4!) My fifth choice is going to be books in general. I read across the sub genres of romance and to be honest it doesn’t matter whose name is on the copyright page. All I’m after is a great story, a few hours of time where I’m sucked into someone else’s life. Where I feel their joy, their sorrow, and every other emotion life brings until I hit those final pages of sweet satisfaction. Of course if the characters are getting ‘satisfaction‘ of another kind 😉 throughout the book even better. 🙂

So tell me, who are your top five authors? Any I might be interested in?



10 Responses to “Favorite Things: Authors – Rhian”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    A great list. I would have trouble just naming 5 too.

  2. I’ve actually read most of the authors on your list. Nora is awesome. We stop by her husband’s book store at least once per year when we’re in their neck of the woods. She has book signings 4 or 5 times a year and invites a few other authors to share the space. If you ever want, I’ll be happy to stop in a pick up whatever books you’re missing (possibly even signed).

    As for top 5……that changes as I change. I know on my auto buy list I have Lorelei James/Lori Armstrong, Cherise Sinclair, Marie Force and a whole lot more. My house reflects that as I have books every where and over 500 on my kindle.

    • I went there in ’09 when I stayed with Mari. We did a day trip. Had a blast! Would you believe we missed her by one day? She’d come in the day before. *sigh*

  3. Great list, Rhian. I also like Brenda Novak and will check out your other authors, too.

    It would be easier to ask for my top 100 favorite authors. 🙂 But if I whittled it down with a gun to my head, it would be:

    Laurell K. Hamilton – I obsessively purchase everything she writes
    Evangeline Anderson – love her male characters
    Gena Showwalter – Darkest series – hot, demon possessed immortals? Yes please!
    J.R. Ward – Black Dagger Brotherhood series (just…yum)
    Laurann Dohner – cyborg series

    I’m curious to see other posters and their favorite authors. Hopefully I can find some new goldmines!

  4. Oh Rhian,
    I love Linda’s books too. I also love Hannah Howell, Janet Chapman, Melissa Mayhue, Sue-Ellen Welfonder aka Allie Mackay, Karen Marie Moning, Angela Knight, Ivy Alexander, Karen Erickson, Karen Tabke……oh golly that is way over 5 and I could keep going because I love all my authors.

    • Nice list. I’ve read a few of those and have to say I wasn’t disappointed. I just wish I had more time to read. Lately I’m either writing or being mum. *sigh*

  5. Awesome list, Rhian! I’m so with you with most of those!

    So… which Noras are you missing?

    • A couple of her earlier ones. I’d have to search the book shelves to be sure but they’ve been pulled out from the wall so we can try and sort out this stupid internet issue we’re having and I can’t actually get to the shelf parts now. lol

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