These Are A Few Of Our Favourite Things…

From now to the end of the year, we here at International Heat are going to share with you a list of our favourite things…

Bet none of you ever expected such a wholesome clip as the above appearing here, did you? 😉

Anyways, to kick off the celebration of Our Favourite Things, this week is authors…

Lexxie’s Top Five Fav Authors

1/ Stephen King (is anyone truly surprised by this? He is a master story teller. I can only wish I had one fiftieth of his skill)

2/ Jennifer Crusie (no one writes rom-coms like Crusie. Irreverent, witty, cheeky and romantic. Love her)

3/ Douglas Adams (sci-fi humour and absurd satire. There’s a whole paragraph in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy that sums me up perfectly)

4/ Karen Marie Moning (from her Fever series to her Highlander series, this woman knows how to spin a yarn. I think I lost a month of sleep when I discovered her. Seriously)

5/ William Shakespeare (yeah yeah, roll your eyes, but remember, I was an English high school teacher for over a decade and spent many years studying English Lit. at university. And seriously, no one creates bad guys like Bill. No one.)

Jambrea’s Top Five 

Can I just say…ditto? heehee Kidding. I do love Stephen King and I watched the movie Hitchhiker’s Guide but never read the book. Eek! Hope Lexxie doesn’t come after me with a bloody knife. (Edited by Lexxie: Right, that does it. Where’s my knife? Ah, there it is…)

1.  Johanna Lindsay (I started off with her historical and then she did a couple futuristic books that I just fell in love with. When I first started reading it was mostly historical. I don’t read as much of that any more, but I did keep some of my Johanna Lindsay books.)

2.  Robert Jordan (When I started reading the only thing I would pick up was romance, but someone told me to try the first Robert Jordan book and I was hooked on fantasy and the Wheel of Time series. He was such a brilliant author and his world building is well…out of this world. lol)

3.  JR Ward (her vamps are AWESOME. I was happy I started the series late so I could devour these books. I can’t wait for the next one!)

4.  J.L. Langley (She writes m/m and has 3 series. A Regency Sci-Fi that is AWESOME, a shifter series and a cowboy series. I re read these all the time and I know she’s about to release a new one soon! Can’t wait.)

5.  Carol Lynne (She writes m/m as well and I want to live in Cattle Valley, a place Carol created. Of course her favorite of mine is Ghost of Alcatraz. I re read her all the as well. She has a new Cattle Valley coming out soon and I totally can’t wait.)

I could go on and on and on when it comes to authors. Amber Kell, TA Chase, Ethan Day, Damon Suede…and on and on. lol Um…yeah…I love to read. lol I was going to put Suzanne Brockmann on my list too, but I figure Jayne had her covered. lol Jayne turned me on (heeheee) to Brockmann and I’m very happy I listened.

4 Responses to “These Are A Few Of Our Favourite Things…”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    I would never roll my eyes at Shakespeare, because Charles Dickens would actually make my list.

  2. Gee, can I say I’ve read one author from each list.

    I love Johanna Lindsay. I probably have every book she’s ever written on my keeper shelf. Every now and then, I love to go back to reread some of them. She just plain tells an interesting and good story.

    And William Shakespeare is the other author I’ve read and not just because he was assigned reading. In 10th grade, we were to read a couple of his stories and I was the only one who had already read them all. Yes, I had alread read the complete works of William Shakespeare. Why, you might ask. Well, I use to babysit for a doctor and his wife. There was no cable tv or satalite and the tv channels pretty much went off early. So, I started reading their bookcase from one end to the other. Shakespeare was on it so I read it and actually enjoyed many of the stories. The sonnets, not so much.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Margie Hager Says:

    Robert Jordan was a brilliant writer and world builder. I really admire his courage for his brave fight against the illness that killed him. I also greatly admire his dedication for setting up a way for his wife and Brandon Sanderson to complete his series. I’ve been an avid reader of Fantasy for many years and, believe it or not, a Fantasy series, Jean Johnson’s Sons of Destiny series lead me to reading Romance. Love J.R. Ward’s series also. We are all fortunate that there are so many diverse authors out there who provide fun and satisfying books for all our reading pleasure needs.

  4. Lots of good choices esp. KMM one of my personal favs.

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