International Heat Is Thankful For…


Yep, we can tell you now. We can announce it to the world.

We have an all new shiny addition to our family.

You may have heard of her.


Here’s a little clue:

So, have you guessed yet, or would you like another clue?

Alright, so we’re thinking you know by now, but just in case you don’t…

Please help us all welcome…

…to International Heat.

(Yep, things just got a whole lot hotter on our sides of the world.)

Welcome Bianca. We are so happy you’re here!

14 Responses to “International Heat Is Thankful For…”

  1. Hell yeah!!! I’ve been reading her for a while now. Granted I am way behind on her work, but still…SWEET!!! Welcome!!


  2. I’m a huge, huge fan of hers and it’s so wonderful that she’s joined the group! The Resonance Mates series is what got me into paranormal romance in a big way! *g*

  3. Yeah!! Welcome Bianca!!

  4. Thanks, guys! I’m really thrilled to have been invited to hang out with these awesome writers, bloggers, artists, & all-around-great-people! They’ve made me feel really welcome and now, so have you. I’m thankful for YOU ALL this Thanksgiving! 🙂 -B.

  5. Yippee!!! Been reading her books for years. First ebooks I ever bought were part of the Dragon Knights series. Welcome!!!

  6. Welcome Bianca!!!

  7. Mary Preston Says:

    Hi Bianca!!!

  8. woohoo!!! Welcome Bianca

  9. The very first ebook I ever got was one of Bianca’s-Lords of the Were-won it at Samhain and never looked back. Have got most of her’s now.

  10. Sweet!! welcome Bianca!!

  11. So excited to have b here! Woohoo!

  12. Who’s here? Why didn’t I know about this?

    Kidding! WELCOME BIANCA!!! We loooooove you!! 😀

  13. Sweet!!! Welcome, Bianca!!

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