Ta Muchly (translation: What I’m Thankful For)

I am utterly, completely and totally thankful for so many things this list would go on for ever so let’s narrow it down to a few…

1/ Those that I love and cherish (you know who you are)

2/ The first person to ever create chocolate (you, sir, are a god)

3/ Those that treat animals with respect, care and humanity (because all creatures great and small does mean ALL)

4/ Those that approach the future of our world with the scientific knowledge to continue its existence as a wonderful place to live (cause I haven’t got that knowledge, just that passion)

5/ Those that have helped make my dream of being a writer come true (without you, I’d be scratching at the worlds going stark raving mad)

Oh, and on a shameless self-pimping note, I have a release today. Yay! So I’m thankful for that too 🙂

Ladies and Gentlemen? World? Allow me to present to you for your reading pleasure…

Suck and Blow

Book One of the Party Games series.

Let the games begin…

Party Games, Book 1

Talent agent Frankie Winchester is a hellion. Her motto is all a girl needs is a fun time, a fast car and an awesome masseur on speed dial. There’s only one person who could beat her at anything. Alec. Bane of her high-school existence, a kid whose parents were as working class and loving as hers were rich and distant.

When celebrity landscape architect Alec Harris spots Frankie at an exclusive Sydney house party, everything comes rushing back. The memory of being the “cheap-money” kid, trying and failing to prove himself—and impress his dream girl, Frankie Winchester.

Unexpectedly partnered in a wildly sexy game, the delicious friction ignites a scorching sexual tension. But there’s more than a playing card trapped between them. Frankie refuses to admit that kiss shook her to the core. Alec wants nothing less than her full surrender.

Game on!

Product Warnings
C’mon, the book’s called Suck and Blow. What more warning do you need? 
Exclusive Excerpt

He looked at her with a steady gaze, his eyes revealing nothing. If he’d noticed her frazzled state, he didn’t let on. But then again, he never had, had he? All those times he’d defeated her…

Oh, for fuck sake, Francesca, that was ten years ago. Drop it!

But she couldn’t. All those times he’d beaten her…they’d helped define her. Every time she’d come in second to his first, she’d walked away with a willful need to defy every other challenge, every other confrontation presented to her. Alec Harris had essentially fed her hellion’s need to rebel. Her need to win. Every time she lost to him she felt out of control. She won everything she had anything to do with—except when he was in the picture. He always took the reins of control from her any time they faced off and here she was now, wanting to lose herself in him again? Wanting to lose?

She took another step back, this one less a stumble and more a deliberate action. Drawing in a steady breath, she met his gaze with unblinking conviction. “I have to check on Miki.”

Alec studied her, his body still.

The pit of her belly twisting, she scooped her clothes up from the tiled floor, shoving her legs into the snug leather of her trousers with—as fate would have it—little difficulty. Without looking at him, she yanked her bra on and pulled her T-shirt over her head, the soft friction of its cotton on her lace-covered nipples almost making her whimper. Or was it the heavy caress of Alec’s gaze that rendered her so…so…woefully tragic?

The sudden sound of rustling material told her he was dressing too, and she scrunched her eyes closed at the just as sudden sense of disappointment welling through her chest.

What? You wanted him to pin you to the wall and fuck you senseless? Again?

Her belly twisted some more and she bit back a growl. That’s exactly what she wanted, fuck it.

“If it helps—” Alec’s smooth voice stroked over her nerve endings and she jumped, her nipples pebbling, “—I saw her with two guys earlier near the Truth or Dare area.”

She opened her eyes and turned to him, doing her damndest to not notice that he was dressed again and so goddamn sexy to look at it was like visual Viagra, or whatever the hell the chick’s version of Viagra was.

Oh, Francesca, you are in so much trouble.

“Grant Rogers and Dayne Pearce,” she said, dismayed at how croaky the words were in her throat. She snatched up her right boot and shoved her foot into it, uncaring she’d left off her knee-high sock before donning her trousers. Her socks could wait. She had to get away from him. Now.

Alex narrowed his eyes a second before he clicked his fingers. “I thought I knew them from somewhere. You all went to school together, didn’t you?”

“Yeah,” Frankie stuffed her left foot into her boot and zipped it up with a savage jerk. “You beat them often enough on the soccer field and cricket pitch if I remember correctly.”

An ambiguous stillness settled over his face, his eyes becoming unreadable. “You do.”

Frankie swallowed at the lump filling her throat. Something about the tension in his body made the twisting in her stomach turn into a full-on bloody knot. “They live next door,” she blurted out for no reason she could fathom. “I’m going over there now.”

The unsettling tension didn’t leave him. “Will you come back?”

She licked her lips, her mouth dry. “I don’t know.”

The answer was truthful. She didn’t. It was all getting too intense. Too…surreal. Alley Cat, the guy from the poor end of town with the uncanny knack of making her feel worthless was now making her feel…what? Whole? Substantial? Like she actually had worth? None of it made any sense and it scared the beejezus out of her. Big time. Was she really ready to let this go where she feared it was going? And if she did, didn’t that just mean she was wrong about him all along? Another trumping via Alec Harris? Could she deal with that? Could she?

He studied her, nothing about his expression giving away his thoughts. “Okay.” He nodded. Once. “I’ll be here at the bar if you do.”

“Waiting for me?”

His stare held hers. “Waiting for you.”

The simplicity in his statement gripped Frankie’s chest in a tight clamp. Without another word, she stepped past him and pulled open the door. The blaring cacophony of the party slammed into her, far too loud for her confused state of mind. A ripple of frustrated anger shot up her spine as she pushed into the crowd. When the hell was a party too…too much of a party for her?

“This is all Alley Cat’s fault,” she muttered, driving her nails into her palms. “Damn it.”


Truth or Dare, Party Games Book Two by the utterly awesome Rhain Cahill will be available January. Twister (Book Three) and Spin the Bottle (Book Four) in mid 2012. Yay!

5 Responses to “Ta Muchly (translation: What I’m Thankful For)”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    TA MUCHLY – I’m having a High School flashback.

    I’m with you on the chocolate.

  2. First, let me say that I really enjoyed Suck and Blow. Yes, I’ve read it and I really need to get the review written. It’s truly on my list of things to do this morning!

    Second, I’m looking forward to Truth and Dare.

  3. This book is so hot. I DIE for this cover too.

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