Writing Spaces – Lexxie

Well, I have four actually, depending on the time of day.

There’s this one (what I call my “professional” space) where I write on the days my family is around and I need to be away from them. (You’ll note there are three piccies of Colin Firth and only one of my husband. I only realised this after he pointed it out to me. My husband, that is, not Colin. *sigh* Colin….)

There’s this one (my “thank god the family is sleeping space”) where I write when night has fallen and I’m the only one awake (errr, imagine it being dark, ok? And my hat packed away. And something like I, Robot or Dr. Who or Love Actually on the telly. I tend to write to them at night because, y’know…inspiration and all *grin*)

There’s this one (my “damn, my back is killing me” space) where I write during the day when Peanut and the Demon Princess are at their respective educational institutions and I need to sit up straight. (And that mango you see in the shot? Ended up in my tummy ten minutes after I took that piccie *grin*)

And there’s this one (my “God, I love the bush” space) where I write when I really want to infuse my works with a strong sense of what life in Australia is like. (I only ever get paranoid a few times the kookaburras laughing in the trees are laughing at me. Only a few times. Really.)

2 Responses to “Writing Spaces – Lexxie”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    Before I even read the post I could see that the bottom picture was Australian bush. Something I see on a daily basis. I can see myself reading out on that deck.

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