Writing Spaces: Rhian and T’s creative space.

I went with creative space because T isn’t a writer but damn that woman comes up with the most creative things. I’ve got nothing on her. *grin* Anywoo, here’s where the words are weaved.

It used to be here.

Then here.

And here.

Then here.

Then there was when my PC died and I had to run the mini under the desk...

And finally my current office......

....and library!

I love my office at the moment. Now if I could just put a lock on the door……




I love your library I want one — Off to show my husband what he must make me 😉 lol

I told Rhian she was in trouble, I opened this post up and staring me in the face was my baby Kit-Kat, her cat is the identical twin of my baby right down to the bulls eye markings on their sides. of course Rhian’s baby is a lot thinner than my baby but we won’t tell my Kit-Kat that bit of information.

As Rhian mentioned I’m not an author, once many many years ago I had the dream of being one but that lasted about the time I received my language grade in school my grasp of punctuation is laughable at best, so creating art is my thing and I love doing it.

I am cheating just a bit a few of the pictures I am using are a bit more than a year old as my craft room is beyond a mess and I’m busy working on items for a craft fair in less than a month I don’t have time to clean it up.

Have you heard the saying…. If a clutered desk is the sign of a creative mind… What does a clean desk mean? well in this case a clean desk meant I just got done spending two weeks doing a massive purging of my craft room. However the clean didn’t last long.

Isn’t it pretty? I love my craft room… My husband built the room for me when we moved into the house, I painted it and laid the floor by myself.

But to envision a current view of the desk imagine that I have a little less than a 10×10 space in which to create something. My husband always tells me if I’d put things away as I’m done with them I’d have a cleaner room, I just laugh and send him out to work shed which I promise isn’t in much better shape than my room.

The (half) desk in the corner is my computer desk.

A few months ago my husband came home with a kitchen counter top and proceeded to empty out my room and build me another work area (I LOVE IT!!!)  this one is a little cleaner I use it as my jewelry and sewing station so it stays a little cleaner because it is really hard to keep track of beads in a messy area, let alone break out a sewing machine.

Well this is about as close as I’ll allow anyone to my room – I hate sharing my space in a physical way even when friends come over I set tables up in the outer room just so I don’t have anyone in my room 😉 shh don’t tell them I said that.

One Response to “Writing Spaces: Rhian and T’s creative space.”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    I want a library & a craft room. I love books & making things. I have taken note of some ideas I can use.

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