Writing Spaces: Lila and Anne

Lila’s Writing Space

My writing space is in a strange little add-on at the rear of our house. It has it’s own door, so, in theory, when I come home feeling very serious about writing I could go straight into my office. I never do this, because, well, I just come in the front door. What I do have and love in the office is all my books, a desk, and a big comfy futon for sitting on. I rarely write at the desk because I press my forearms against the edge, which cuts of blood flow to my fingers. I spend most of my writing time sitting cross-legged on the futon and then pacing up and down the narrow room while I think. When I get an idea I write it up on one of my two chalk board doors, which I painted myself.


The view from the back hall. My desk, a mostly empty bookcase (which I should NOT fill with paperbacks, right?) and my futon


My desk. Framed on the left wall is the cover of my first book. My best friends had that done for me for Christmas a month before it came out.


Where my butt goes. I put the laptop down, stood up, took pictures.


This door is directly across from the futon. I use it to plot out the book I'm working on. Staring at basic plot outlines and deadlines helps keep me from getting too sidetracked. Also, yes, we never put the molding back around this door. Yes, it bugs me every time I look at it, but FB says he'll get to it.


This is the other door in the room, leading to the bathroom office. I use this door to plan projects, not the current book.

Anne’s Writing Space

Not gonna lie. Lila’s space is WAY more impressive than mine. I do have a desk. It’s a nice desk. Comfy chair too. However, I never use it. The cats do, thought, as that’s where their food bowl is. LOL

This is my real writing space:

That’s the living room couch and that’s where I do ALL my writing and editing. It’s nothing special, but it’s comfortable and that’s what I’m all about. LOL

2 Responses to “Writing Spaces: Lila and Anne”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    My eyes went immediately to the glass of wine.

    The post yesterday would not open for me. I’ve never had that happen here before.

    • Mary,

      You caught me, at some point I’d picked it up so it wouldn’t be in the photos, but I forgot and set it down again. Mari told my husband wine is liquid inspiration, and he’s faithfully supplies me with inspiration whenever I start whining (har har) about writers block.

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