Writing Spaces: Jambrea’s Writing Space

This week, the International Heat gals are doing something a little bit different on the blog. We’re going to be sharing pictures of our writing/work spaces. We thought it might be fun to share where we write, review and create beautiful covers. So sit back and enjoy this tour of our special places.

I’m kicking off the tour. My writing space is my bedroom. 🙂 A few of these pictures are right after I fixed it into my space and the others are updated as I added a few things. 🙂

My shelf of ME!!!! heehee I get to add a book to this soon. *SQUEE*

6 Responses to “Writing Spaces: Jambrea’s Writing Space”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    That’s all very well & good, but why are you not poring over the desk writing???? HUH!!!

  2. Wow… you really had me worried there for a moment with that first picture. I couldn’t understand how anyone could be inspired in such a pristine space.

    I need a bit of mess and trivia from my life around me for inspiration and to make the space feel like it is mine.

    I love your desk!

  3. Kelli Collins Says:

    Cool idea! And nice chair. 🙂

    (Does this mean we’ll get to see Jayne’s boudoir? I want pics of her naughty drawer! She can’t tell me she doesn’t have one or two. Or twelve.)

    • Thanks! 🙂

      Yeah…my guess is you won’t see Jayne’s naughty drawer. I am planning a writing trip to her place next year…might have to sneak a few. heehee Um..pictures that is. lol

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