I’m Yours

You know how sometimes you hear a song you love, or see a movie with an actor you think is outrageously gorgeous, and next thing you know, you’ve drifted off into the sweetest daydream imaginable about said actor or singer?

Well, I find myself doing this often. And my fantasies are always so extraordinary and fanciful they could never, ever come true.

Anyway, early last year while listening to this song – which I absolutely adore – I found myself slipping into one of those daydreams.

I would like to add at this point, that the daydream was very innocent. It involved sitting on a plane, in business class (that in itself was a lovely thought) and lo and behold the passenger in the seat beside turned out to be…Jason Mraz.

Unfortunately, midway through this delightful musing, I was rudely awakened by a nasty realization. Even if I ever did meet Jason (or Jay, as he’d so endearingly invited me to call him), well, the truth is, he wouldn’t give me a second glance. Because… I’m old enough to be his mother.

This fact depressed me no end. Me? Too old to fantasize?


But then an amazing thing happened. I remembered something that had eluded me completely. Something that meant my daydreams could indeed become reality. You see, I’m a writer. I don’t have to confine my fantasies to my imagination. I can make them happen. I can turn them into books! And with that, The first seed of See You In My Dreams (the book that releases at Samhain on Tuesday) was sewn.

Yes, my daydream about Jason Mraz was innocent. No, See You In My Dreams is not. It is true erotic romance, with no holds barred on either the erotica or the romance. But I had a world of fun turning an unreachable, untouchable pop icon into a real person, who falls in love with a woman like you or me. Nathan Pace AKA Jamie Speed, may hold absolutely no resemblance to Jason Mraz whatsoever. But I will always be grateful to Jason Mraz not only for this song, but  for planting the idea of See You In My Dreams in my head.


5 Responses to “I’m Yours”

  1. I would like to thank Jason Mraz for inspiring Jess Dee. Now there will be a new Jess Dee book for me to read. YAY!!!! Counting the hours until release day.


  2. LOL, LIsa.
    I’d like to thank Jason Mraz for singing.
    I love his voice sooooo much.

  3. It’s a freaking awesome book too!!! I can’t freaking wait for the next one!!!!


  4. Katherine Says:

    Yum. I would like to find him in my room. Or walk into his room. I’m off to daydream now. Thanks for the excerpt and the new add to my TBR list!

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