Extreme Couponing: international heat

I locked Jess in a closet and stole her blog week. That’s right, you’re stuck with me this week.

The day started out well enough, until I turned on the TV and saw a marathon of the US tv show “extreme couponing”. This sent me into a coupon-clipping frenzy. My livingroom looks like a hoarder’s house was attacked by a badger–there’s bits of newspaper everywhere!


I’m writing this from the car. I’m dragging FB to cvs to attempt a massive coupon shopping trip.


WE have returned from our trip to CVS. While I’m certainly not ready for the show I didn’t do too bad. Here’s my haul:


I saved over 50%, bringing home all that for around $90. You’ll notice there isn’t really any food in there. That’s because a) I was at CVS, and b) the food products I see them buy on the show are usually heavily processed boxed/canned things that we don’t eat anyway. We got milk and canned tuna because it was there and we needed it. Also, the people on the show seem to stock up on pasta. I can’t cook pasta. We still don’t have a stove. Whoops.

And yes, I had a coupon for the wine. When I go to the store the register usually spits out alcohol coupons. Ha!

8 Responses to “Extreme Couponing: international heat”

  1. You’ll have to let me know how you do! I love that show. It makes me want to start a stockpile of laundry detergent and candy! lol None of the stores here though double coupons though-ass hats!!


    • California doesn’t have coupon-doubling stores either. I have never managed to get cart-loads of stuff for free, just deeply discounted.

      I like the pharmacy stores–CVS, Walgreens, etc–because of their bonus buck programs/loyalty programs. Usually you can get stuff almost free if you combine those specials with a coupon.

  2. Awesome!!! Love couponing – then I can justify spending money on frivilous things that I really don’t need, but with the money I saved… well, you understand!

    • RIGHT? Since I started couponing I’ve bought nicer lotion, nice-cheap-makeup (you know what I mean…), and body wash than before. If I have a coupon for it then it’s okay if I buy the fancy, extra hydration super nice ribbons of unicorn-tears-included product.


    Can someone please let me out???

  4. Mary Preston Says:

    We have specials here in Australia, but not coupons a great deal. I can see I would have fun. Love a bargain.

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