Ty the Sexy Dragon is here! (Ready to feel the burn?)

The first in my Fire Mates series, Ty the Sexy Dragon is available now from Ellora’s Cave (and soon to come from other booksellers). I have to admit, writing this one was so much fun. Who knew dragon shifters could be so cheeky :)

Anyways, check out Ty the Sexy Dragon here and (if you’re game) read the naughty excerpt below…

Fire Mate, Book One

Life isn’t easy for a modern-day dragon shifter. Unlike those wuss werewolves, dragons can’t just shift and go for a run through the nearest forest. They can’t go flying on a whim. Forget about scared villagers slinging arrows; these days it’s Neighborhood Watch zealots with AK-47s. Then there’s the whole sex issue. Try telling the little cutie at the local Starbucks that a soul-shattering orgasm might end in bed flambé.

No, being a dragon shifter kinda sucks. And for Tyson, it’s even worse—because he’s suddenly in heat. Bad news for the stranger he spies running along Bondi Beach. Ty instantly recognizes Sera as his mate. Now he has to convince her, while also dodging the psychopathic dragon hunter on his tail. Scorching sexual persuasion should do the trick. Hopefully. Because if Ty doesn’t join with his Fire Mate before his heat cycle finishes, bad things will happen. Lots of bad things.

A (naughty) excerpt…

Her stranger’s nostrils flared. “You’re not scared because your body, your heart, your id, knows exactly who I am. It makes no sense, I know—you’re human, after all, but it is what it is. I know you can feel it, a powerful pull in the pit of your belly, an undeniable yearning in your soul. A heat so exquisite in your sex.”

Sera gasped. He was right. How the hell was he right? She stared at him, all too aware her nipples were hard points of flesh. All too aware she was utterly, completely exposed.

And now, all too aware she was turned-on. Aroused like never before.

Damn it, she was as depraved and insane as he was.

“H-how do you know…” She couldn’t finish asking the question. It was lunacy.

Her stranger’s lips curled into a slow smile. “Because you’re my Fire Mate, and I am yours.”

She swallowed. The tingling in her pussy she’d done her best to deny was growing more insistent. “What does that mean?”

His smile curled some more. “This.”

He crossed her room in three long strides, plucked the iPad from her hands, tossed it aside and threw her onto the bed. His hands shoved her legs apart before she’d finished bouncing on the mattress, his mouth capturing her sex with wicked greed.

She cried out, not in terror or fury or shock, but with pleasure. The second his lips claimed her folds, the second his tongue stroked her clit, she was awash in pleasure. She fisted the duvet beneath her, bunching the silk as she squeezed her eyes shut. Gasping breaths tore from her throat, shallow and rapid and hot. God, how could she let this happen…how could she want this?

How could she not?

His tongue tormented her clit, his hands roaming her thighs, her arse. He hauled her closer, securing her tightly to his mouth, jerking her hips off the bed as he did so. She cried out again, her pussy flooding with liquid heat at his aggression. This was insanity—and she didn’t care.

Damned if she did. Whatever the hell was going on, it was right. He was right. Her stranger was right. She was meant for this, for him.

“Oh God.” She rolled her head from side to side, planting her feet on the bed and straining onto her tiptoes to push her sex closer to his masterful mouth. “That feels so good. So good.”

His tongue wriggled into her slit, back over her clit and into her sex again. His hands cupped and squeezed her arse cheeks, his fingers working closer and closer to her hole. She’d never been touched there, and she was aching for a complete stranger to do so. A ribbon of wanton need twisted through her belly, made her moan and thrust harder against his mouth.

“P-please…” she groaned, opening her eyes to stare with dazed rapture at her bedroom ceiling. “Your name…tell me your—”

He lifted his head from her pussy, replacing his tongue in her folds with two fingers. “Tyson.”

The name was a growl and it awoke in her an elemental want. Her very nerve-endings seemed to ignite with pleasure. Her entire body thrummed on the cusp of something beyond her comprehension. It was as if she was being torn apart and remade for him and him alone, all from the mere utterance of his name. God, how would she survive when he possessed her with his body?

A shudder rocked through her at the euphoric thought. Her sex pulsed, constricting on his squirming, scissoring fingers.

“Tyson,” she moaned, his name like ambrosia on her tongue. “Tyson.”

He growled again, a truly animalistic sound, and reclaimed her cunt with his mouth. His tongue lapped at her folds, her clit. His fingers raked over her backside, smearing her juices over her flesh. He stroked them over her puckered anus and she gasped, bucking upward. Fresh pleasure pooled in her core and she called out his name again. It felt wonderful on her lips, powerful. A secret only she knew. And every time she called it, her pussy contracted and her body reacted.

“You taste like molten honey,” Tyson said against her inner thigh, his fingers dipping back into her folds. “I could drown in your taste without fight or regret.”

The proclamation sent a tight shudder through Sera’s center. She was close to coming. Damn it, she was so close—and she wanted so much more.

She wanted his cock inside her. She wanted his tongue in her mouth and his hands on her breasts. She wanted all of him. Wanted him to brand her, mark her as his and—

He flicked his tongue over her clit and then sucked on the tiny nub and she lost all train of thought.

“Oh yes oh yes oh yes!”

15 Responses to “Ty the Sexy Dragon is here! (Ready to feel the burn?)”

  1. Mary Preston Says:


  2. I don’t normally buy books at 6 a.m. but i’m popping over to E.C. right now. Sounds like a really fun, hot read. Congrats, Lexxie!

    • LOL 6am books are the best kind – a little bit naughty and a little bit forbidden and a whole lotta fun 🙂

      Hope you enjoy it, Liz. I’m working on the second book now.

  3. oooh, i want this!! Any idea when it’s going to be up on Amazon??? smiles…

  4. OK, where’s my credit card hiding???

  5. Checking Amazon everyday so I can get it as soon as it comes up. REALLY want to read this soon.

  6. I bought and read this last night. Then had to re-read it this morning because it was so good!!! LOVED this book!!! Off to write the review now! So when does the next one in this series come out???

  7. Christ….Soooo, if I wanted to share the first chapter of the next book with you…where would I send it? 😉

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