I try to do these blogs the night before so I don’t forget…but….ahhhh….all I can say is the drinks to bartender made were GOOOOOOD!  LOL So no blog until this morning. Last night we went to the gay bar and they had naked mens dancing on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Talk about my kinda bar. lol So far it’s been a BLAST. I’ll probably do a full blog when I get home and post it to my own blog. I’ll leave the link on Saturday….don’t let me forget. lol Soo…Here are some pics.

OH!  I will say….Damon Suede is AWESOME. So is Ethan Day. Not to mention EVERYONE I’ve met is totally rockin’! I don’t think some people realize how sureal it is to have someone come up to you and say they like your work! CRAZY!

The organizers of GayRomLit have really outdone themselves. Carol Lynne, Ethan Day, Amanda Young, JP Bowie, Lynne Lorenz, William Neale. I’ve been a little behind the scenes and they have just kicked ass.

Also. Did I tell you I met TA Chase. Yeah….I talked to her and didn’t realize who she was and someone said…you knew that was TA…right? OMG….I’m like NOOOOOOOOOOO. ROFL! I felt so stupid. lol But I LOVE TA. Not that I”m surprised. lol

TeB took its authors out to dinner. I sat my Devon Rhodes, TA Chase, Stephani Hecht and Jackie-Steph’s sister. What a great night. Just talking and listening. We ate at the Court Yard. I think that’s what it’s called. It was BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Then the gay bar happened. I just enjoyed myself and met some great people and had some great conversations and now I’m off to get ready for the day and have some more fun!! I’ll have more pictures later. I think we’ll have some down time and I’ll try load my camera. Woot

5 Responses to “Um…Yeah….”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    You sound like you are having a great time. Love the pictures.

  2. glad you all are having a wonderful time!!!!

  3. The person that pointed TA to you was me lol um yeah Brandon was a trip, when you wake up with a bad headache you know you had the best bartender haha

  4. You met Damon Suede!!! I’m so jealous. I loved Hot Head soooo much. Amazing writer. I would totally go fangirl on him! And I have by email. Lucky you.

  5. Thats so funny about TA, and it sounds like you are having fun. Keep up the good work…of having fun!

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