A Wake Up

That is right! It’s Tuesday and tomorrow morning at 5am EST I’ll be leaving my house to drive to the air port that will take me to New Orleans! Monday night I packed all my clothes and that bag is ready to go. Wed. morning I’ll do the carry one because that is mostly my electronics! lol Yeah…not packing those away, want them with me on the plane. I need to remember to do my back up before I go…just in case. I’m SUPER excited. A vacation was needed and now I get to go meet a bunch of people I see on line and actually talk, in person, to people who love to read and write gay romance as much as I do!!! 🙂

Here are a few pictures…’cause…you know…I like to share. lol

The above isn’t a kissing one…but man…he really does it for me. lol

The above is a real life couple. So hot! 🙂

 So many ideas with the above…I’m thinking story…. lol

The above used to be a couple…*sigh* 🙂



6 Responses to “A Wake Up”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    Have a great time. Come back with pictures. Speaking of which – **HOT***

  2. Jambrea, I can hardly wait to see you there tomorrow.
    I really love the fourth picture down. I enjoy the others, but that one feels real to me.

  3. Have an excellent time.
    I love that second pic 🙂

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