One Day and a Wake up

It’s Monday. Usually I dread Monday, but not today because I will be on my way to New Orleans. I am SO excited. Um…if you couldn’t already tell. lol I have to work the EDJ today and get a few things wrapped up since I won’t be there for most of the week. I need to finish up a few things for GayRomLit, I’m helping with registration. I also need to get PMan ready. He’s staying with my parents while I”m gone. Tonight I’ll be packing up my things, that way I just have to double check them on Tuesday. Wednesday morning before I leave I’ll pack my carry on because I’ll have big momma in it (my lap top. heheee) I leave Wednesday at 5am to drive to the airport. I’ll might do Wed post before I go to bed. ๐Ÿ™‚

So…here is your daily dose of hot man on man action. heehee No frontal worries. lol . Woot!


4 Responses to “One Day and a Wake up”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    I wish I were going to New Orleans. Loved he pictures.

  2. I’m headed to New Orleans now, gotta rest up a few days after a week of wedding fever before everyone else shows up. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

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