2 Days and a Wake Up

You might be wondering what that means. lol On Wednesday, Oct. 12th at about 5am I will be driving to Indianapolis to get on a plane that will take me to New Orleans for GayRomLit! The first ever all Gay retreat! I get to talk to some of my favorite authors and have some fan girl moments. Talk to people who enjoy reading and writing gay romance. It all started for me with Ally Blue. I LOVE her Bay City Paranormal stories. LOVE them. I also love her HO. heehee. The Happy Onion. Great story. Of course none of those were my first Ally Blue, that was Fireflies. I might have to go back and read that one to appreciate it more. I’m sad she won’t be there because I would love to meet her. The next m/m book I read was from TA Chase. OMG! I fell in love with her writing from that first story and have been her #1Stalk…er…Fan ever since. I am SO excited that she will be there and I can meet her. Hopefully have a nice conversation and not just smile and giggle. lol

I’ll have the blog for the whole time I’m there except Sunday…which is probably good because I’ll be flying. lol I’ll try to post a bunch of pictures and some updates! While I”m there I’ll be hosting a Vampire tour. So totally can’t wait. I have never been to New Orleans and am totally looking forward to it!

So enjoy some pictures while I try to wrap up writing Freedom, book 3 in my Alliance series and get things ready for GRL! (Um…not that I have much left to do. heehee I could have left last week.)

8 Responses to “2 Days and a Wake Up”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    I am totally mesmerized by FIREFLIES. Great pictures thank you.

  2. Have a great time! You can be a fan girl for both of us when you meet TA Chase 🙂

  3. Great pictures. I love Ally Blue’s works, too.

    Have fun… and stay out of trouble! LOL

  4. Hi Jambrea. I hope you have a fab time in New Orleans. I met Ally at Romanticon this year. She’s super sweet. Hope you get lots of fan girl squealing in;))

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