Red Hot Premiere: Runaway Hits On Demand!

So It is my turn to “Premiere” something and of course as everyone knows I’m not an author, so I turn to other authors and I can’t seem to decide. Everything on the premiere list looks so good I can’t choose just one, so I think I am going to break the rules maybe just a bit… and turn to what was.

One of the runaway hits this year has been Midnight Matings series by three of my favorite directors (re: authors) Stormy Glenn, Joyee Flynn and Gabrielle Evans. This series took the reading world by storm a few months back with an interesting turn of events in the paranormal world, Elders with good intentions and eye raising ideas, they kept us tuned in with their tales interspecies matings, mystery and suspense and lots of really HOT sex.

Sadly the series is on a bit of a hiatus at the moment as the directors turn to other pursuits (re: writing other books) but they can always be found On Demand while we wait for the return of the Midnight Matings.

Series: Midnight Matings

Directors: Stormy Glenn; Joyee Flynn; Gabrielle Evans

Station: Siren Publishing

Time Slot: On Demand

The Cast: werewolves, mice, ferrets, fairies, lions, tigers, cats, vampires, bunnies, monkeys, penguins, sirens, Hippogriffs, a Phoenix, and a hell hound, forgive me if I missed anyone.

The Lure: The Gathering is called. The spell is cast. There is no escaping the Midnight Matings.

Interesting Note: The Nice thing about this series is it doesn’t have to be watched in order pick any episode and have fun you’ll keep coming back for more.

 Squeak and a Roar (MM)  Scales and a Tail (MM)  Fire and Ash (MM) 

 Fang and Fur (MM)  Myth and Mischief (MM)  Two Fangs and a Hoof (MMM)

  Fantasy, Legend, and the Guardian (MMM)  Spells and Bananas (MM)  White Paws and a Dream (MM) 

 Fur and Flightless (MM)  Sparkle and Purr (MM)  Howl and Harmony (MM)  

I don’t have any books to give away but I like to think I have something just as nice. I will be giving away one my bracelets to one winner and a friend of their choice. I’ll discuss the details with the winner but here is a small preview.

To be entered to not only win one of my bracelets but be entered to win the Kindle just answer my question… If you were a shifter what would you be and why?

23 Responses to “Red Hot Premiere: Runaway Hits On Demand!”

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  2. Oh wow that’s a hard question to answer …. I think I would want to be a cat. they have the life – chilling out all day, play when they want, get loving all the time, and they meow and have a man come running to please them 🙂

  3. Mary Preston Says:

    A DRAGON: just pure magic.


  4. I think I would want to be some sort of large jungle cat, a panther, jaguar, leopard, etc. They are so sleek, graceful, yet still dangerous. I think they are beautiful.

    Btw, your bracelets are totally cute! I love them.
    manning_j2004@yahoo dot com

  5. I’ve not heard of this series before but I’m checking it out right now! If I could be a shifter, I’d want to be something unique. Not quite the last of my “kind” but perhaps the last female of my kind so that only one (or two!) would really do for me. I’d pick something from the past, like a saber-tooth tiger or a cave bear.

  6. A leopard would be my choice. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing one running or lying in a tree. I would love to be sleek like one of these big cats.

  7. Hmmm….
    I think that I’d like to be some sort of big cat. They’re always so sleek looking & no one would f@$# with you,

  8. Great post! Your braclets are so cute! 🙂 If i could be a shifter…hmm, hard question. I think i would be a wolf shifter. I love them. Theyre beautiful! Thank you!

  9. Your bracelets are so pretty! If I could be a shifter I would shift into something that lives in the sea, like a dolphin! I know weird right lol, but I LOVE the ocean just something about the open seas that calls to me.

  10. Regina Ross Says:

    if i could be a shifter it would be a wolf i think theyre beautiful. GREAT GIVEAWAY !!!

  11. If I could be a shifter, I would be a wolf. They are beautiful, dangerous, protective, & family oriented.

  12. Wow thats quite the cast 🙂
    I would want to be a cheetah or jaguar..something that runs really fast.I always loved to run to just get out there,the freedom, and go as fast as you can.

    Beautiful bracelets.

  13. A shifter? hmmm…. Well, a dragon could breathe fire, but cats are so lithe, and independent at the same time they are affectionate and can be quite cuddly. So yeah a cat. 🙂

  14. I’d love to be a dragon shifter so I can breathe fire and fly! That would be awesome 🙂

    smaccall AT

  15. I would be a were-cat of some kind. They are sleek and quiet – and they can creep up on people with their quiet paws and pounce! And, if they are ticked off, they can hurt them really bad!

    (I love the bracelets)

  16. Thank you for pointing out this series – I hadn’t heard of it. It looks great! I can’t wait to gobble these up.

    If I was a shifter I would be a sleek black panther.

  17. Renee Bennett Says:

    I would definitely be a DRAGON!. They are fierce, they can shoot flame, they can fly, Did I mentions they can fly. They have a really bad rap and are totally awesome.

  18. Black Panther just have a weakness for them. Love the bracelets

  19. I’m not sure. Probably something small, but fierce. I just can’t think of anything at the moment but it would definitely include claws.

  20. I would be some sort of bird shifter. I read a book a couple of years ago and one of the secondary characters was a raven; he was pretty cool, too!

  21. Cheryl S. Says:

    I think I’d be a tiger. When I was younger, I had a fascination with tigers and still appreciate the beauty in the species. You make beautiful jewelry!

  22. For me it’s a toss up between a sleek black panther and a wolf. because the panther is so sleek and sexy but the wolf is just so powerful and warm and fuzzy.

  23. I have always been partial to the wolves, so I think that’s what I would choose 🙂

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