Red Hot Premieres! Slam Dunk by Mari Carr

Today is the release of the latest book in my Black & White Collection at Samhain, Slam Dunk.  Answer today’s question to win your choice of my backlist.  Your entry will also count toward our Red Hot Premiere Grand Prize, which we will be giving away on October 1st, so be sure to come back and check out the whole line up!
Title:  Slam Dunk (Black & White Collection)

Premise:Who says you can only score on the court?

Trey Donovan is mourning the end of summer with fellow teachers when Ellie Hunter walks into Tully’s Bar. Better yet, she’s now a former rival basketball coach and the newest science teacher at his high school. He can’t think of anyone better to fill the vacant assistant coach job. In fact, if he plays his cards right, she might end up his perfect match off the court, too.

If she stops holding him at arm’s length long enough to give him a chance.

Coming off a year of bad decisions that not only broke her heart, but cost her a job, Ellie has good reason to swear off workplace romances. Her undeniable—and undeniably mutual—attraction to Trey is a serious threat to her resolve. Especially since Trey’s too-easy capitulation to her boundaries stings just a little too much.

Funny thing, though. When she sees Trey dancing with someone else, the edges of her vision turn decidedly green. And when another man tries to kiss Ellie, Trey sees red.

Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to fudge the rules. Just a little. After all, casual sex doesn’t count. Right? 

Product Warnings:  Lots of red-hot, half-dressed court presses complete with sex toys, food, bubble baths, strip poker and, oh yeah, balls.  

Stars: Trey Donovan – The “player” finally grows up! In Happy Hour, Trey was the guy always looking for a good time, his cell phone containing the ultimate booty call list. In Slam Dunk, he meets the woman who makes him think future…and forever.

Ellie Hunter – She’s on the rebound from a bad break-up and NOT looking for another workplace relationship. Unfortunately for her, Trey pushes all her hot buttons…twice!

Contest Question:  What’s your favorite sport and why? (You can read about the rest of the Black & White Collection here if you’re not familiar with prior books).
Good luck and happy reading.

27 Responses to “Red Hot Premieres! Slam Dunk by Mari Carr”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    Favorite sport: Rugby League. It’s like gladiators in the arena with out the weapons.

  2. I am not a sports fan. The only way I will watch any type of sport is if with my nephew, and then I generally read and try to block it out. I do watch my nephews play basketball and football, etc. But they are all very young (oldest turns 11 today) so they haven’t really gotten into it yet.

  3. I love Rugby and Football so I’m in heaven right now with it being football season and the Rugby World Cup. Happy Release Day Mari!! Xoxox

  4. I enjoy hockey. I like how exciting the games are, when the crowds get riled up and the players get into skirmishes on the ice. It’s my favorite sport to see live. I love Mari’s Black and White collection. I can’t wait to read Slam Dunk. It sounds great!

  5. Baseball is my favorite. I catch the games on TV whenever our local team plays, although they are horrible this year. Good thing the season is almost over.

    I just downloaded my copy of Slam Sunk this morning. Can’t wait to see what kind of trouble they get into.

  6. Regina Ross Says:

    i like football. cant wait to read your newest one as soon as i get my kids off to school 🙂

  7. Favorite sport is football (American). I love everything about the game. My home team is not good this year, but I have yet to find a sport I enjoy more.

  8. I am not a huge sports fan but i like watching football and baseball if someone has it on.

    Happy Release day!!

    Lisa B

  9. Baseball is my favorite sport with hockey as my mistress! Congratulations on the release Mari!

  10. Football! Go Redskins! It’s what I grew up with and still love today.

  11. My favorite sports to watch are basketball and tennis. Occasionally, I’ll throw in a little football game in there. Congrats Mari on new release!

  12. My favorite sport to watch is basketball, love it love it love it. I love the intensity of the game and the basic fundamentals . Since I was young I was obsessed with Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Now I am a San Antonio Spurs fan, I really hope this season does not get cancelled. Its funny too because my husband looks like Michael Jordan especially when he puts on a suit 😉

  13. My favorite sport is Hockey since my daughter works for the Pittsburgh Penguins. Go Pens! Congrats on your release Mari. Can’t wait to read it. 🙂

  14. My favorite sports to watch are mens’ Olympic diving, mens’ Olympic swimming (before they changed the suits), & mens’ Olympic gymnastics. I love to watch & perv on the athletes…lol

  15. Soccer is my favorite sport. Why it fun and easy to play. The kids like to play to.

  16. Congrats on the new release.

    Well I’m not a big sports person..But being Canadian I’d have to say…….Lacrosse (you thought I was a gonna say Lacrosse is Canada’s national sport.My nephews play it and I’ve watched them since they were little.Its a fast pace game to watch.

  17. Happy Release Day, Mari. I love hockey and baseball equally. I like hockey for the action(and fights) and baseball for the home runs and pure athleticism of the game.

  18. Football! Men n tight pants.. yum!! Happy release day 🙂 !

  19. I LOVE men’s basketball. It’s a sport I can actually follow and it keeps my interest. I used to watch the Bulls, but have gotten away from the pros so now I just watch college ball. Go Iowa State!

  20. I love football because I had the best memories of watching games with my dad. Good times 🙂

  21. Renee Bennett Says:

    I love Football (American). My older brother played football. Have you ever really looked at those guys in there uniforms. (Lets just say “Tight Ends”) Any way I learned all about the game by dating some of my brothers football buddies and now absolutely love the game. My favorite team is the Oakland Raiders.

    Thank you for the chance to win.

    reneebennett35 at yahoo dot com

  22. im not much of a sports fan. if i have to pick, it would be football. thank you! i love mari’s books! so good! athough, if a male is a athlete in a book…so hot! bella andres game series is awesome! yum!

  23. I hate sports. Yeah, yeah, what’s wrong with me? For a while I really enjoyed watching the Worlds Strongest Man competitions. Magnus Ver Magnusson was AMAZING!

  24. Badminton! It was the only sport I was good at! LOL


    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  25. (Minor note – the link to the other books in the Black & White series doesn’t seem to work.)

    My fav sport to watch is football, NFL that is. I grew up watching it with my dad, so I have good memories of sitting with him, learning about the game. Now that I’m older, I also get to drool over those amazing physiques!

  26. Mixed Martial Arts is my fave sport – I love all the half naked men 😉

    smaccall AT

  27. I like to watch swimming…enough said right???

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