Red Hot Premiers! Undone Rebel

I have a new series coming out this fall. “Undone Lovers” explores the intersection of BDSM and Rockabilly cultures. It was inspired by the iconic Bettie Page photos. Undone Rebel is the first book. It will be followed by Undone Dom and then Undone Diva.

When we came up with the idea for this contest and went with a TV GUIDE style for each of our announcements the Aussies said “What’s a TV GUIDE you bushpings?” Okay, I may have that slang wrong, I’m basing it on a tea towel they gave me.

I didn’t have the heart to say that I didn’t know what TV GUIDE style meant either. Do they still publish TV Guides?

Air Date: Unknown, but stay tuned.

Run Time: Novella

Premise: When amateur fetish model and rockabilly princess Adelita “Addie” Sanchez is asked to model for an instructional BDSM book she turns them down, adamant that she’s not a porn star. That changes when she meets the three male dominants behind the project, particularly Lane Therres, who convinces her that the project is more art than porn, and she’d be safe in his hands.

The rules of the photo sessions are clear—there’s no sex, and Addie can call a halt to anything she’s uncomfortable with. What self reliant, strong-willed Addie hadn’t counted on was enjoying giving herself over to the powerful Doms and their ropes, chains and toys. When she falls for Lane, while enjoying Emory’s touch, Addie turns away from both men, scared of what they’re doing to her. Can a relationship built on a BDSM contract ever be anything but whips and chains? Lane changes his Dom leather for shining armor to prove to his rockabilly princess that even the most gallant knights sometimes prefer dungeons.

Content Warnings: This features BDSM training and all the goodness that goes into that. If you’ve read a book with that before then you know what I’m talking about, if not…well won’t you be surprised.

Review: (totally made up by Lila, since there aren’t any reviews yet) A beautiful, sexy story about how sex and love can unlock the hidden potential within individuals. Addie embraces her sexuality as Lane and Emory take her on a journey of self discovery. Lane learns that he can emotionally engage with his submissive, mingling love and sex in a way he never would have before. Sensitive viewers may note the odd pacing. The story starts with the sexual relationship and then evolves into a romantic one, in a reversal of normal romantic timelines.

Don’t forget to comment to be entered in the contest. Admit it, you wanted to be Bettie Page at some point in your life.

40 Responses to “Red Hot Premiers! Undone Rebel”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    Still laughing!!!

    As an Australian I have to say I have NO idea what a bushping is and I DO know what a TV Guide is.

    Did you mean bushPIG?? Still odd but…

    I can’t imagine myself as a Bettie Page actually!!! I don’t have he legs for it.

  2. Love this post. It’s hilarious!

    I saw a teaser for this book when I was surfing Lila’s site yesterday. It looks wonderful. I just finished reading a few of her books that I downloaded, so this one will be a joy to read, too! I think Bettie Page had it going on in spades and I could do a lot worse in my life than being a sexual icon and a trail blazer!

  3. Regina Ross Says:

    Great Post !!!!

  4. This sounds like a cute new series. I have never seen myself as Betty Paige because there is nothing about me that has ever resembled her. I sure as hell wouldn’t mind it if I was like her though. lol 🙂


  5. I remember when it was a must to go through the TV Guide every week and plan which shows to watch:)
    This series has gotten my attention and I look forward to reading it.

  6. Cathyk Keevill Says:

    I’m looking forward to reading this one.
    Great post, I love a litle humor with my morning coffee.

  7. I enjoyed the post. I haven’t read too many BDSM novels, so I look forward in reading this one.

    Oh, yeah, I used to have a subscription to TV Guide, too! LOL

  8. TV Guide is not what it used to be. LOL! Love the post. Keep us in the loop on the release date.

  9. Love Bettie Page and can’t wait to read these Lila! Way back in the day me and a friend dressed up as Bettie for Halloween.


  10. Awesome post! The book sounds great as well. I could only wish to be a pinup girl – haven’t got the legs, chest or waist for it. LOL

  11. What a beautiful cover! Does make me want to be Bettie Page 🙂

    smaccall AT

  12. Nancy Gilliland Says:

    Sound like something different-as only Lila can do!! Cover is fantastic as well. And I love the TV Guide format, although I miss the old version of that magazine.

  13. Yeah! More good reads! can’t wait!

  14. I love the book cover! Very cool 😀

  15. I love the cover too. and yes I would love to look like Bettie Page.

  16. Love it! This book is going in my to read list =D

  17. ROFL! I’m in, Lila, even though I have never considered myself Bettie Paige material and have no clue what a bushping is!

  18. Bettie Page was hot. I saw a little bit of that movie in which Gretchen Mol portrayed Bettie.

  19. Bettie Page was gorgeous! A real looking woman with curves! Pinup girls are always so beautiful and so confident. Can’t wait to read this series!!

  20. Yup, TV Guide is still around but I think they mostly focus on the on screen TV version with the scrolling listings. I love the idea of this series and this book. And the Bettie Page reference is really a nice touch. Thanks for the giveaway.

  21. great post! your new series sounds great! i love bdsm books. being a pinup girl could be fun! 🙂

  22. Susan Romito Says:

    I haven’t seen a TV guide in years. We used to live by those – checking out the grid for each night and what we would watch!

    Thanks for the great contest.
    (and don’t include me for the kindle, but any smaller prizes would be great! 🙂 )

  23. This looks like an awesome series and I can’t wait to read all of the books!
    I think they still print TV Guides – but they are the size of magazines now.
    I’d love a Kindle – I want to be able to get some “books” that are only in “e-book” format!

  24. Love Bettie Page! Undone Rebel sounds enjoyable! Can’t wait to read the series

  25. Love the cover!!! Great concept Lila. I want to read this one.

  26. Sounds great! can’t wait 🙂

  27. Great post! …this cover is simply Gorgeous~ 🙂 …love Bettie Paige.This series sounds ridiculously awesome!:D …just sayin’

  28. Sounds great.Can’t wait to read it

  29. I did not know who Bettie Page was until recently but she seems like someone to be inspired by.

  30. I use to dress up like Betty Paige all the time, to this day I still have a huge fetish for pin-up models. I love the whole style!

  31. dreabecraft Says:

    I love the cover to this book its so awesome I love pin up style dress and hair dos. Good luck with your book!

  32. Sounds delicious! Can’t wait to read. Enter me, please. 🙂

    bimmergrlmd at gmail dot com

  33. i like the cover of this book it look like the girl abby and then that would get my attention in the store and t hen the blurb

  34. Gottaneedahaveawanna lol I want this series… and that is a catch phrase from a commercial for a chicken place here in my area. =)

  35. jennifer mathis Says:

    I still want to be her lol

  36. LOVE Bettie Page!! This sounds really good!

  37. This post is hilarious. Can’t wait.

  38. I so loved Bettie Page – I actually just did a dress up date with a friend of mine at a Bettie Page store and had a blast dressing up in those wonderful outfits 🙂 The books sounds great and I love the cover!

  39. Lila,
    This deffinately sounds interesting, I can’t wait to read it. I never would have put the two together, BDSM and Rockabilly. You know I don’t think they do make TV guides anymore.

  40. This is goingon my must read list.

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