Why I Write What I Write – The Sci-fi Edition

I write in multiple genres. It isn’t essentially by choice, it’s just that I can’t NOT write in multiple genres. A story pops into my head and I have to write it. That story may involve werewolves, aliens, bounty hunters, demon-possessed scultpures, corporate CEOs or world famous rock stars…I never really know until the story starts flowing. It’s been said to me a few times that maybe I should just pick one, focuss on one genre for a while but I love writing in multiple genres. I love the different freedom and scope each one provides.

As part of my week at International Heat I’m going to explore the different genres I write, share with you my favourite books by other awesome authors of the same genre and give you a little peek-see into what I’m writing or have written. Oh, and just because I’m so bloody wonderful (*grin*) I’m going to give away a GRAND PRIZE at the end of my week. What’s the prize? An ebook of the winners choice from EACH OF THE GENRES I write in. All you need do is comment. The more you comment, the more chances you get.

Ready? Let’s start with the first genre I was publishing in: sci-fi.

Thanks to my older brothers, I grew up watching Dr. Who, Star Trek and Star Wars. I saw the first Star Wars film (Episode IV) when I was six. My first crush I can remember was Spock, followed by Han Solo and then Tom Baker’s Timelord. Even as a kid I recognised the fact in space/sci-fi there was no limit to the imagination. When all my friends were playing with Barbies, I was pulling my Barbies’ heads off, painting the headless bodies green and turning them into alien women who set out to trick my sole Steve Austin doll who, depending on my mood, would be either Spock, Solo or one of the doctors. I turned all my paper cups into daleks. Sci-fi was scary and exciting and unpredictable. I loved it. It suited me. So it seemed only natural when I decided to seriously write a book and submit it to a publisher, I would write a sci-fi one.

I’ve been reading sci-fi for just about ever (Herbert, Asimov, Adams, Vonnegut to name a few), so imagine my delight when I discovered there was such a genre as sci-fi romance? And quadruple that delight when I discovered the sinfully wonderful world of erotic sci-fi romance! Hot damn, was I in reading heaven. My first erotic sci-fi tale was Elayne S. Venton’s Bonds of Justice. Suffice to say, as a reader I never looked back from that book. A month after reading it, my very first contracted book, Shifting Lust 1: The Chamelyon’s Curse was released.

To this day, I devour books by Susan Grant, re-read Angela Knights’ Jayne’s Warlord that many times the pages of the book have started to fall out, and thoroughly enjoy the “naughty” stuff written with such evocative skill by Bianca D’Arc, Evangeline Anderson and Morgan Hawke. Stephen King’s Dark Tower series (while not strictly sci-fi) is on my Top Five All-Time Bestest Books list. My favourite sci-fi romance is Angela Knight’s Jayne’s Warlord followed closely by Bianca D’Arc’s Hara’s Legacy. My favourite favourite favourite sci-fi book of all time is Douglas Adam’s Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I seriously know where my towel is…and Ford Prefect is, in the most bizarre way, incredibly sexy.

Today, I self-published Agent ~ The Boundaries Book Two. As you can probably tell, it’s the second book in my erotic sci-fi/werewolf trilogy available from Kindle (other formats will be coming soon. Promise). It is, for me, the perfect example of my love of sci-fi. There’s blaster guns, translocators, aliens, hyper-flight and sexy-as-sin brooding heroes…all mixed together with some seriously scorching sex and smoldering romance.

Take a look at the prologue…

The Suck and Blow Inn fell silent seconds after Tornada stepped into its murky depths. More than fifty patrons—most with eyes tinged pink from a Bliss high—turned to watch his sauntered progress across the floor.

All took in the Jjor disrupter strapped to his thigh; a weapon banned in both the Inner and Outer Boundaries by the Unified Parliament. Tornada smiled to himself, enjoying the fear in the silence that followed him across the floor. Just the way it should be.

He stopped at the bar, resting his elbows on its grimy surface as he gave the Hetap behind it a level look. “I’m looking for a redheaded Raavelian female.”

The barkeeper poured a Jjor Slap and placed it on the counter between Tornada’s elbows. “Got a brunette Raavelian in Den Two and a redheaded Terran in Den Eight. Take your pick.”

Tornada raised the Slap to his mouth, letting the Hetap see the dagger sheathed under his armpit. “No. Raavelian. Red hair. Green eyes.” He took a drink. “Likely to rip your throat out if you look at her the wrong way.”

A shimmer of recognition flashed across the Hetap’s face and he licked his lips, suddenly on edge. “Psy Lyso’s slave.”

Tornada’s smile stretched wide. Excellent. “When was she here.”

The bartender glanced around the still silent inn, before returning his dull, mud-colored gaze once more to Tornada. “Almost a moon cycle ago.”

“Do you know where she is now?”

A slight hesitation followed, as if the Hetap weighed up something in his mind. “No.” He gave his head a sharp shake, multiple chins wobbling. “Lyso had a run-in with two mean looking bastards. Could’ve been Boundary Guardians.” He scrunched up his face. “One of them—a big fuckin’ Terran—had freaky yellow eyes.”

Tornada lowered his Slap and gave the bartender an impatient look. “The Raavelian?”

“Last I saw, she was walkin’ to an empty den with the same Yrathian that came in with the Terran. Those scarred-face bastards meant to be impressive shit in the sack, I’ve heard. Don’t know what Lyso was thinking, giving up something so fine to a Yrathian.” The bartender shook his head again. “’Specially not one with the scars of a Master Pleasurer.”

An unexpected but familiar surge of jealousy ripped through Tornada but he ignored it, giving the Hetap a flat look instead. “Do you know who she left with?”

The bartender’s eyes narrowed. “Did Lyso steal her from you or somethin’?”


“Why you after her, then?”

An image of Jaienna flashed into Tornada’s mind; long copper-fire hair fanning her bare shoulders as she crawled up the length of his body on all fours, her exotic green eyes promising aallll sorts of pleasure. “No reason.”

The Hetap raised his eyebrows. “Well, I know Lyso was pissed to lose her. He came storming out of Den Five, pissing blood and cursing the Terran. Seemed more annoyed about the Raavelian than his Bliss deal gone wrong.” A shudder rippled through the Hetap’s flabby frame. “Stupid, if you ask me. I’d rather cut off me own dick than piss off Hrung Crortek.”

Tornada turned and stared out at the hovering patrons, playing over everything the Hetap had said in his mind. He now had four leads: a Yrathian with the scars of a Master Pleasurer; a Terran with unusual eyes; the Bliss dealer, Psy Lyso, and the infamous Ornithion crime lord, Hrung Crortek, a vile creature who virtually owned the Outer Boundaries. Jaienna could be with any of them, none of them… or all four of them, depending on what she was after. Another wave of stinging jealousy spiked into his gut and he cracked the knuckles of both hands. Fuck.

He closed his eyes, an image of Jaienna filling his head immediately. A naked Jaienna straddling an equally naked and faceless Yrathian, her hips rolling backward and forward over his as she rode his cock. She let her head drop back, allowing the naked blue-skinned Xolotlan kneeling to her right to press his mouth to her arched neck, just as an aroused Hrung Crortek appeared behind her, snaking his clawed hands over her shoulders to cup and squeeze her perfect, heavy breasts.

Three of them? Where’s the

The image shimmered. Suddenly—still being fucked and fondled by the Yrathian, Xolotlan and Ornithion—Jaienna gazed up at a hulking Terran. A faceless Terran with eyes like burning yellow gold. Fuck me, her lips said as she rocked against the thrusting Yrathian. Fuck me now.

Searing heat shot straight to Tornada’s cock and he opened his eyes, cursing his over-active imagination. Four leads.

Turning back to the hovering Hetap, he leant across the bar. “You got a holo-generator here?”

“Den Eleven. End of the corridor. It’s ten thousand chits per session.”

Tornada straightened. “It’s mine for the next three hours.” Stepping away from the bar, he headed toward the sex dens. Four leads to follow with Jaienna at the end of one of them. Maybe. If he was lucky.

Stepping into Den Eleven, he removed a small transparent rod from a hidden compartment in his jacket and slid it into the holo-generator, standing still as the den pulsed with a vibrant purple light. A slight buzz filled the room—a sure sign the generator was black-market—and then a woman appeared before him, red hair a tumbled mass of copper-fire falling about her face and bare shoulders, green eyes flashing. “Hello, Tornada,” the holo-projection of Jaienna Ti said, voice tinny and hollow. “Shall we play?”


See? Holo-projections, seedy space sex dens, aliens, exotic drinks, ray guns… *sigh* I’m in heaven….

Why do I write sci-fi romance? Because I’m a horny geek and proud of it 🙂




17 Responses to “Why I Write What I Write – The Sci-fi Edition”

  1. Hey – hearing that Radiophonic version of Doctor Who theme really did it for me. What memories it brought back – from David Houghton through to Tom Baker and the rest.

    Always, too, Morgan Hawke’s books (I’m always just sorry she is not a more prolific writer), Angela Knight (I think the Hero Sandwich is one of my favourites). Not usually a Stephen King fan, but you are right – the Dark Tower series is something special.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you, Polly 🙂 I shall most definitely try to keep it up 😉

      (Okay, that sounded nowhere near as witty and clever as it did in my head *grin*)

      Tom Baker was the benchmark of Doctors for me for many years despite loving them all. Of course, I fell in utter lust with the Tenth Doctor (*sigh* David Tennant *sigh*) and then Matt Smith came along and gave off such a manic Bakeresque vibe… Oh, and I sooo adore Rory.

      And now I think I need to read The Gunslinger again. It’s been a good year since I read the entire Dark Tower series 😉

  2. Well as you should know I’m such a fangirl of yours *grin* so this week is gonna be awesome. Make sure my Lexxie library is complete 🙂

  3. Katherine Says:

    SciFi and Fantasy was my fav genre through my teens and twenties, then I gradually moved more into straight romance, usually historicals. Now I find myself reading romance across all types of genres – sci fi, fantasy, paranormal, historical, contemporay, erotic, etc. I love how diverse romance can be.

    All of this is to say, in a very long-winded way, that I am quite stoked about your new series!

    • LOL I love your very long-winded way, Katherine. I’ve only just started to read historicals. I can honestly say that’s one sub-genre I don’t think I will ever write in. Love to read it, too lazy to write it 🙂

  4. I’m anxiously waiting for the other formats to arrive. I am on a huge sci fi romance kick and these sound like just the thing. Evangeline Anderson’s new self pub’d sci fi series is awesome and I know this one will be, too.

    • As soon as I get approval from the US IRS (I’m waiting on an ITIN) I shall upload them to iBooks, Barnes and Noble and the Nook. Have I missed any?

      Man, I love Evangeline Anderson’s work. So much!

  5. Until recently my SciFi love was TV shows like any of the Star Trek options, Battlestar Galactica , Doctor Who, Torchwood, Firefly, Andromeda, Sliders, Quantum Leap, Buck Rogers, Stargate, and I could go on and on. I might be addicted. And then I found that my sci fi reading options had opened up and now I’m getting hooked all over again. Thanks for the wonderful books and for the giveaway.

  6. And then there was Blake’s Seven – and can you ever beat Red Dwarf for ridiculous rotflmao humour.

  7. Nancy Gilliland Says:

    I have always had a place in my heart for Doctor #4, and used to have a super long striped scarf like his. And Red Dwarf could always make me laugh, and I love most of the Sci-Fi on the BBC America channel.

  8. I have to say that since my reading tastes align with your writing tastes, please write on in your lovely, geeky way, Lexxie! I loved scifi as a teen, and am SO happy to see more and more scifi romance now–bring it!!

  9. I love Dr. Who. The new 1/2 season just started and I can hardly wait to see what happens next!!

  10. Thanks for sharing the prologue.Sounds like a great book.

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