WIP Weekend

Today I’m editing the first book in my new trilogy for Ellora’s Cave Undone Lovers.

This books is called Undone Lovers, and you can read more about it here and here.

But, since it’s Saturday, here’s a little snippet.

Excerpt from Undone Rebel

Copyright 2011 Lila Dubois

“Emory drew another plain chair from beneath the black drop cloth and brought it to the center of the room. He placed it to her right and took a seat.

“Let’s begin. I’ll list a few potential scenes. For this conversation you may speak freely.”

Addie turned her head so she could see him, resting her cheek on the back of the chair. He’d loosened his tie, thought his vest was still buttoned. There was no denying that Emory was handsome, with an air of almost-danger, like a tamed exotic beast.

“The first option is a naughty boarding school student.”

Addie raised an eyebrow. What was it with guys and Catholic schoolgirl outfits? Emory was watching her ass, though his gaze flicked briefly to her face before her nodded.

“Moving on. Interrogation. You’re a captured enemy spy or soldier, whom I will interrogate—creatively, sexually—for information.”

Addie licked her lips and swallowed. She could see it—herself strapped to a chair, no a table, as Emory cut off her clothes. She spit in his face when he traced a hand over her breasts, pinching her nipple. He’d laugh at her defiance, force her legs apart and lower his mouth to her pussy…

“A winner I see.” Emory’s words brought her back to the present with a crash. He was looking at her ass.

A flush crept up Addie’s face as she realized how hard she was gripping the dildo with her pussy.

“Please,” he said, “don’t be embarrassed. An inability to enjoy our sexuality is the greatest failing of our culture.”

“There are worse failings,” Addie said on a shaky breath, but she looked back to Emory. He was right. She had nothing to be ashamed of, except maybe the silliness of a fantasy in which torture included receiving oral sex.

“Another popular one is the slave girl at auction. You’d be inspected, your capacities for pleasure and pain tested, the quality of your sex, and ass tested, before being sold to the highest bidder.”

2 Responses to “WIP Weekend”

  1. Looks like a winning series Lila, can’t wait!!!

  2. TEASE! Awesome excerpt Lila! Do you have a release date yet??

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