Nine Naughty Novelists Day 9


About Skylar Kade

You’d think life in California doesn’t get any better. I hate to disappoint you but…

No, actually, it’s fabulous. Twenty minutes from the beach, an hour from the mountains, and mellow, sunny days for most of the year. It’s the kind of weather that inspires hot romances, which is probably why I write them. That, and a little issue of chronic deviancy.

Either way, I keep myself and my readers in smutty goodness, writing for Samhain, Ellora’s Cave, and Siren. Between work and writing, I spend most of my waking day on the computer; you can find me on my website, at the Nine Naughty Novelists blog, or visit on Tumblr, Goodreads, The Facebook or The Twitter. Yes, The Twitter.


Naughty Tip: Naughty Interior Decorating

Hope O’Shea, the heroine of my upcoming novel “His Only Hope”, is an interior decorator. For BDSM clubs. That’s my kind of girl!

Not that I would know any of this from personal experience, but…

Make sure that you invest in a solid, decorative headboard. Something to which handcuffs or rope can easily be attached. And screw that sucker into the wall, or you’ll be waking the neighbors with your headboard banging.

Decorative hooks in the ceiling are perfect for hanging plants. They’re also perfect for tying up an unruly submissive! Take down the plant, toss some rope over that hook, and flog away!

Mirrors are a lovely accent piece in any room. They not only make the room bigger by reflecting light, they make your sex hotter by reflecting…you. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it–all those body hang-ups fly out the window when you see the glazed-over, sex-crazed look in your partner’s eyes.

Finally, never forget about color-coordinating pillows and throw rugs. Choose something plush and luxurious, for when your man throws you onto the floor, unable to wait another step to get you into bed.


Excerpt: His Only Hope

Hope O’Shea thought she’d never set foot in The Sunset Strip ever again. She’d been out of the scene for two years, which had been good for her. She shivered, remembering the handful of times she’d come here.

On her return to LA, Melina, the Mistress who owned the popular BDSM nightclub, contacted her to redesign the whole place. Dammit, the things she did for old friends and new clients.

This Saturday night, like most, the club’s otherwise inconspicuous entrance saw an overwhelming amount of foot traffic. Housed in a ’50s-era office building, it was impossible to guess what the dark brick walls held, so long as one ignored the interesting mix of characters entering and exiting.

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Chapter Seven: Lady Chastity’s Lover…Or Perhaps Not

Wherein a nefarious highwayman turned Duke discovers that he has one too many fiancés and the fair but penniless Governess, upon finding herself forsaken, determines she is not interested in the Duke’s ferret after all.

He may have been a nefarious highwayman, but even Westley-now-Colin knew that rejecting a woman like Julia would be unforgivably cruel.

It did not occur to him that Dread Highwaymen likely did not care about being unforgivably cruel.

It really seemed the only way to preserve her delicate feelings was to, in fact, kiss her. A Duke (or Highwayman, for that matter) had to do what a Duke (or Highwayman) had to do.

Continue reading…

6 Responses to “Nine Naughty Novelists Day 9”

  1. Oh how I love your stuff Skylar!!! xoxoxo

  2. Katherine Says:

    Love the decorating advice! I am taking particular note of the headboard recommendation…we need to buy a bedframe…..hmmm….

  3. Great advice,I’ll keep those in
    His Only Hope sounds awesome.

  4. Now I will always wonder when I go to someone’s house and see hanging plants!! Or I’ll bust out laughing!

  5. Glad you ladies like the tips! Kim, I always laugh when I notice these things, even if I know they’re innocent. Then again, I don’t think my mind ever gets out of the gutter!

    Today’s winner is Katherine! Please email me at with your preferred e-book format!


    Thank you all for participating in the International Heat/Nine Naughty Novelists blog swap.

    We’ve got two swag bags to give away, and they’re full of all kinds of goodies from the NNN and other fabulous authors.

    Thanks to, we’ve selected our winners…*drum roll please*

    Congrats to KIM B and JEAN P! Email me at with your address 😀

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