Day 2

Cats! I’m a big cat person I love anything of the feline persuasion I think they are the most gorgeous animals in the world. I can’t help but look at my beautiful Kit-Kat and wonder if when I close my eyes and go to sleep at night he doesn’t shift into a sexy man… I should be so lucky… Shh don’t tell my husband I said that 😉

Cheetah’s are so beautiful. How can you not want  to reach out run your hands down this beautiful body? As far as I know, there is an extremely sexy man underneath all that fur. I just want to curl up next him in his shifted form because I know I would be loved and protected and that is exactly how his mate will feel too. Cheetah’s lead solitary lives, enjoying the delights of playing the field and leaving for the next conquest but Penn (don’t ask me why but he just looks like a Penn) has always longed for a mate, which has made him an outcast to other cheetah’s. Penn wants someone who will be faithful to only him. When Penn meets his mate, his mate isn’t going to like him very much, thinking that Penn isn’t likely to be faithful so Penn is going to have a his hands full convincing his mate that he is all Penn will ever want. Penn’s mate is going to come with a ready-made family, much younger brothers and sisters. He has been burned before and is very wary of bringing anyone into their lives who isn’t going to be around for the long haul but Penn, contrary to cheetah nature, not only wants a mate, but a family. Being gay, he knows that it isn’t in his future so when he meets his mates siblings he falls head over heels in love with them. But that’s one more strike against him in the eyes of his mate. Does he love him or his siblings… Wow I could go on this guy really inspires me. If only I could write the story forming in my head 😉

Tigers how can you not love this beautiful creature? He screams Alpha all the way. He is going to be a tough nut to crack. He doesn’t think he needs a mate and is going to be very angry at the elders for tricking him into mating. And I’m afraid he is going to take it out on his mate in the beginning. Not physcially, of course, but he is going to be a bit hateful and make a lot of mistakes. He’ll get what he wants, driving his mate away only to realize he misses the little guy. Yes, his mate will be a small shifter. Not a pushover by any means but he really needs his big strong Alpha to make him feel loved and protected. I know it sounds a little overdone before but if it works, why not run with it? And well this is my imagination so…

On to our next shifter…

Why not a zebra? This shifter is going to be 6’ 10”, muscles that have no visible end (not weight lifter muscles but manual labor worker muscles), golden brown tan and flowing brown hair down past his butt (yes I have a thing for men with long hair deal with it – lol) When he is in human form, Z can choose to let his stripes show as a  tattoo. This is a mark of his rank within their herd. I’m thinking Z’s mate should be maybe a mouse, or a ferret, something in that general family. I know they’ve done this already once before but something about Z makes me think very tiny shifter mate. He just looks like he’d be a great protector and they’d make beautiful babies. Yes, again with the men having the babies I can’t help it. I think all men should have babies. Who knew I could be so vicious? 😉 lol

Well that brings us to the end. I hope you have all enjoyed my very amateur atempt at creating shifters for Joyee, Stormy and Gabrielle. Thanks everyone for stopping by and I really hope you’ll share what animals you think would make sexy shifters. If you haven’t read the Midnight Matings series I hope you’ll check it out. Joyee, Stormy and Gabrielle have what I think is a great series. I hope it doesn’t end anytime soon. I love the thought of mixed shifter matings, large alpha males with tiny shifter mates and mythical creatures come to life.

If you haven’t already started reading the Midnight Matings series you should check it out HERE.




**Please keep in mind everything you read here is totally my imagination and has nothing to do with what the ladies might write in their next book it is just their great series inspiring my imagination. Of course if one of them decided to borrow one my animals I’d be happy to take total responsibility for it**

2 Responses to “Day 2”

  1. Very creative, T! Thanks for sharing! And great photos!

  2. Courtney S Says:

    WOW! More great ideas, although Joyee has a series about cheetahs called Purrfect Mates. They’re all M/M/M…yumm!

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