What Do My Trip To the Zoo, Joyee Flynn, Stormy Glenn and Gabrielle Evans Midnight Matings Series Have In Common?


So you guys are stuck with me but thankfully, it is only for two days instead of seven. Thank you Nine Naughty Novelists because I find it impossible to come up with entertaining things to blog about. Fortunately for me, the family and I went to the St. Louis zoo this last week. I was going to bore you with family photos but Jambrea gave me the idea to share my thoughts on which animals would make good shifters, so here we go.

I really think that Joyee Flynn, Stormy Glenn and Gabrielle Evans should pay attention, because they are the source of imaginative wonderings where these animals are concerned. They have a new joint series out at Siren Publishing called Midnight Matings. The shifters in this series are not your average shifters–from bunnies to mythical Hypogriff’s–so it wasn’t hard to picture these guys making an appearance in the Midnight Matings series

The paranormal world is in chaos. The elders are tired of their younger people playing the field and fighting amongst themselves. They decree everyone has twenty-four hours to claim a mate of a different species—or forfeit the right forever. The gathering is called. The spell is cast.

There is no escaping the Midnight Matings.

Of Course I’m not sure why you’d want to 😉

This is a great series so it’s not hard to imagine why I would be thinking of it while I was at the zoo. Who knows, maybe I’ll put a bug in the right ear and the next Midnight Matings book I read will have one of these guys as the hero or heroes. I hope they forgive me for letting my imagination run wild with their new series.

Starting with lemurs, Gabrielle did a monkey in her last installment but I can’t help but think that these beautiful lemurs would make gorgeous shifters. Petite but built with long beautiful soft white hair with streaks of black, they are sought after high wire acts  in a big circus. These two aren’t mates but best friends. They won’t have the same mate but they will need to be together where ever they go. I’m thinking that their mates aren’t going to be the best of friends, so these two guys will have their hands full keeping their mates from killing each other. But I have faith that they’ll persevere because look at these guys! They will have their mates wrapped around their pinky fingers and they’ll do anything to make them happy.

Or how about a meerkat or three, aren’t these little guys just adorable? They’d need a big strong sexy mate to keep them safe and out of trouble. This story should be m/m/m/m (because you can’t separate these three). They’ll need a special mate. Maybe an Alpha one who is kind and patient, but firm when he needs to because these little guys are going lead him on a merry chase, get into lots and I mean LOTS of mischief. And you know, just to give their Alpha a run for his money, this should be a shifter tale where the males can have babies because meerkats like taking care of babies, so they’ll need lots of children

Ever heard of a fennec fox?

They are the smallest foxes in the world. This little guy reminds me of a Chihuahua. His name is Raine and he needs a mate. He looks very lonely all by himself. Raine sleeps all day and comes out to play and hunt at night so I’m thinking his mate should be a vampire. Even though Raine is small, he is very protective of his mate. They will constantly butt heads because his mate will want him to always stay safe and Raine will want to be in the middle of whatever trouble comes their way. Raine is going to save his mate’s life. I’m not sure what trouble his mate is in, but he is in a mess of it and as hard as he tries to keep Raine safe, he underestimates the trouble stalking him. But that is okay because as hard as it is for his mate to accept Raine has his back. Small and wily, Raine will outsmart his foe and get his mate back.

Okay, enough for today I’ll be back tomorrow to share some more photos of more possible shifters with you. What animal or mythical creatures do you think would make good shifters?

Check Out The Midnight Matings Series


**Please keep in mind everything you read here is totally my imagination and has nothing to do with what the ladies might write in their next book it is just their great series inspiring my imagination. Of course if one of them decided to borrow one my animals I’d be happy to take total responsibility for it**

5 Responses to “What Do My Trip To the Zoo, Joyee Flynn, Stormy Glenn and Gabrielle Evans Midnight Matings Series Have In Common?”

  1. Awww…. meerkats are so cute! What about pandas? They seem so fluffy and cute, but I’m guessing the full grown ones aren’t lightweights!

    • My daughter is still complaining that they didn’t have Panda’s at the zoo 😦 there are so few zoo’s that have them they don’t survive well in captivity 😦 and I think a Panda would make a great shifter they’d be very rare and magical and very sought after I think…

      • We were fortunate to see them at the San Diego zoo–very neat to see them in person! Hope you’ll get the chance one of these days!

  2. Tiffany M Says:

    How about a Kola Bear, Polar bear or even a kangaroo? A peacock would be fun also. One that has a beautiful span of tail feathers that he is proud of. I love the midnight mating books so I can see how it would inspire your imagination at the zoo.

  3. Courtney S Says:

    I LOVE this series!!!! I think it would be awesome to have some of these animals as shifters.

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