Nine Naughty Novelists Day 5


About Juniper Bell

I’m Juniper Bell, and I’m really excited to be here at Naughty in the Backseat. I write extra-naughty erotic romance for Samhain and Ellora’s Cave. In other shocking news, I live in a cabin in Alaska with no running water. I just got married this past New Year’s Eve, and my new husband and I go back and forth between Alaska and Hawaii. Sadly, the Hawaii times are far shorter than the Alaska times. On the bright side, those long winter nights give me lots of time to write. My next release comes out from Samhain on June 14. It’s called Restraining the Receptionist, a follow-up to Training the Receptionist, which got its very first review from Naughty in the Backseat (thanks!!).

You can check out my website, “like” me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter. Thanks for stopping by during the Nine Days of Naughty!

Naughty Tip 5: Being Naughty At Work

Since my Receptionist books involve a very naughty relationship between a receptionist and her two bosses, I figured I’d discuss “How to be Naughty at Work.” We’ll use my heroine, Dana Arthur, as our textbook role model.

(Technically, she’s the perfect example of what NOT to do, but whatever.)

Let’s start with the basics. If you want to be naughty at work, sleep with your boss, especially if he’s supersexy and has a dominant streak. What if you have two hot bosses, like Dana? What the heck. Sleep with both of them. At the same time. At the office.

DO wear clothing that keeps you sexually stimulated all day long. DO answer the phones while under the influence of various sex toys. DO whatever your bosses tell you, especially if it involves getting naked and having multiple orgasms. DON’T worry about political correctness. It won’t get you off the way sex on a desk will. DON’T worry about workplace conduct rules. We’re being naughty here, remember? And above all, DON’T do anything you don’t want to do.

Okay, that one was for real. Except if we’re referring to actual work, in which case … fake it.

So now that we’re all on board with how to be Naughty at Work, here’s Dana in Restraining the Receptionist facing her worst nightmare … The Temp.

Excerpt: Training the Receptionist

“Come in to my office,” Ethan’s gravelly voice ordered. “Leave all your clothes on, please.”

Fully clothed for a punishment? That was new. Then again, it would have been against the rules to make me strip. Or would it? Come to think of it, we’d never spelled out the rules.

I tiptoed to the door of Ethan’s office. This was new too. I’d never been invited into Ethan’s domain. For all I knew, Blackbeard the Pirate lived in there. Or maybe Hitler’s body was stashed in the cabinets. I wouldn’t put anything past Mr. Ethan Cowell.

But it wasn’t anyone fictional or historical who greeted me as I opened the door. In fact, it took a moment to recognize her. Streaked blonde hair, splattered freckles, slim body set off with boobs the size of coconuts. Chantalette the Temp. I’d spent a torturous morning training her to fill in for me when I had a dentist appointment. And believe me when I say the dentist chair was a relief after that. She was useless. Even tied up, she looked lazy.

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Chapter Three: The Dread Highwayman…Colin?

In which a Highwayman loses his ferret and discovers Ladies, Avon, and Venison

Even highwaymen needed vacations, decided the exhausted Dread Highwayman Westley. Especially when the days ran so close upon the feet of a loved one’s death. He threw a rock into the stream, as he’d done on his first eve with Roberts. The highwayman had taught him everything he now knew—robbing carriages, saving damsels, even giving to the poor when the occasion warranted—and though the Dread Highwayman was loathe to admit such emotion, he missed the old chap. Sorely,

“It’s just you and me now, Brigid,” he said to his ferret. She chortled from upon his shoulder as he recalled happier times, of the long nights spent with a wench of the same name up on the coast of Ireland. He let his head sink down on his shoulder, sure none of the passing fishmongers or townspeople would notice a man in black keeping to himself by the riverside. Roberts had told him, “There’s no crying in highway robbery,” but he felt tears prick his eyes nonetheless.

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6 Responses to “Nine Naughty Novelists Day 5”

  1. oh that Dana is a naughty girl 🙂 love her books 😀
    Great advice,will have to remember those 😉

  2. I enjoy reading about Dana and her naughtiness!

  3. Awesome, Juniper! Gotta love Dana and her work opportunities 😉 Alas, not all of us are so fortunate…

  4. Today’s winner is Fedora! Please email me at with your preferred e-book format.

  5. Dana is great and her two bosses….yum!

  6. Katherine Says:

    The receptionist books are both on my TBR list. If only my budget and schedule allowed for buying and reading all of my TBR right now!

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