Nine Naughty Novelists Day 1


About Sydney Somers

A born and raised Maritimer, Sydney Somers fell in love with writing at the age of eight. Since finishing her first book in 2002, Sydney has written over twenty-five romances—one of which will forever remain hidden under her bed. When she’s not tracking down remote controls, chasing after her three very energetic children or exterminating rogue dust bunnies, Sydney can be found curled up with a good book or working on her next project. She loves to hear from readers and invites them to e-mail her anytime.

Naughty Tip 1: Being Naughty on the Run

Who says a woman wanted for murder doesn’t have time for a little fun? Bullets, car chases, hitmen or sexy, mysterious strangers with their own agendas should never get in the way of letting your hair down and being a little…naughty. But when weapons and off-the-charts sexual tension are involved, it doesn’t hurt to have a game plan.

1. While on the run together, be sure to spend the night in a run-down motel where the only thing harder than the mattress is pretending you don’t want each other.

2. Handcuff yourselves together for maximum closeness.

3. When your canoe tips while fleeing the scene, don’t be afraid to get a little wet. After you break into that empty cabin to lay low from the police, you’ll have a reason to take your clothes off and cozy up by the fire.

4. Keep your gun close, but the condoms closer.

5. A full body massage is the perfect way to wind down after a long, hard day of out-smarting bad guys and clearing your name.

Excerpt from Trust Me

Babysitting a gift shop wasn’t the smartest way for an alleged murderer to keep a low profile. But then what were friends for, right?

At least that was how Maxine Walker interpreted the look on her friend’s face a moment after Sherri insisted she watch the place while she took her daughter to the hospital.

Max winced at the blood running down Ellie’s leg from where she’d split her knee open after falling off her bike.

“You’ll be fine.”

For a second she wondered if Sherri was talking to her or nine-year-old Ellie.


Her friend finished wrapping a hand towel around Ellie’s knee. “You can handle it, Max.”

“That doesn’t make it a good idea.” In fact, it was a very bad idea. Bad like the first time Sherri had talked her into going to a keg party. Only this time she could end up with more than a crescent-shaped scar on her chin and fuzzy memories of people chanting Chug. Chug. Chug.

Like twenty-five to life in prison.

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From the authors who brought you The Zillionaire Vampire Cowboy’s Secret Werewolf Babies comes…

Love’s Savage Whiplash

Being a Tale of Panting Passion wherein the Disaffected Duke runs away to sea to become a Pirate and ends up becoming Love Slave to a Ninja Queen, whilst at home he is replaced by a Nefarious Highwayman and ne’er-do-well who is, in turn, ultimately redeemed by his love for a Poor but Virtuous Governess.

The year: 1818

The location: Netherloin Park, Somewhere in England, Home to His Grace, the Duke of Earl

A single man in possession of no fortune…

Meet Colin Darcy, Duke of Earl. Colin is in no great hurry to become leg-shackled to any female, no matter how comely, but with the future of his estate in financial peril, his uncle assures him that marriage to a titled heiress is the only possible solution. Colin is certain his uncle’s choice for him, Lady Chastity Feelsgood, will make a fine wife—for somebody else. But Colin has other dreams and aspirations. And in these dreams there are perfect maidens swooning at his feet. There’s high adventure on the open ocean. There’s rum to be swilled, swords to be crossed, wind in his hair…he’s on a boat.

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11 Responses to “Nine Naughty Novelists Day 1”

  1. Courtney S Says:

    Thanks for the chuckle first thing in the morning. (Duke of Earl & Lady Chastity Feelsgood…LOL)

  2. Maria D. Says:

    Trust me sounds really interesting Sydney! I’m going to have to check it out:)

  3. Enjoyed the excerpt for Trust Me, it sounds like an action packed story.

  4. Love the naughty nine! And I love the name Chastity Feelsgood!

  5. LOL! Great tips, Sydney 😉 But I think a most important tip is to choose your get-away partner VERY carefully! There are some guys I wouldn’t care to on the run with ;p

  6. I love Love’s Savage Whiplash. I look forward to every new installment. Always a guaranteed laugh.

  7. Enjoyed the tips while on the run.I’ll have to remember that if I ever need

    I’m really enjoying Love’s Savage Whiplash.

  8. So glad y’all enjoyed it! And our winner for today is Kim B. (thanks to the skillful number-selecting skills of my other half, Phin)

    Email me at with your preferred e-book format!

  9. OMG! I’m loving these naughty tips. I’ll be ready for the next time I’m on the run with a hunky guy. 😉

  10. I must have Trust Me. Love it, love it. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Katherine Says:

    I love the tips for being naughty while on the run. Awesome!

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