Could you go?

So, if you were desperate – I’m talking busting, I-have-to-go-now-or-I-will-explode desperate, could you use this loo?

Me? Not in a million years!

(This is the loo from the outside, and below is the loo from the inside. Apparently it’s made from one way glass)



12 Responses to “Could you go?”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    Yes, I reckon I could. It would feel freaky & naughty I think.

  2. If I had to go bad enough I would. Wouldn’t care. Am I ever gonna see these people again? No, so I WTH. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

  3. I would, at night when it’s absolutely pitch dark and there’s no one around. If some little kid starts knocking on the walls, I’d freak out.

  4. That would be cool to do one time πŸ˜› As long as the toilet has a lock, very important!

  5. Yes. Having run into a constuction site to use their port a potty, I can honestly say, when I got to go, get out of the way! There are some times when I couldn’t care if the world could see me.

    • Terri, you are a brave woman indeed.
      A construction site? Really?

      • Yes, really. We were in a very rural area of the Eastern Shore of Md and I had to go. For 10 miles or so we looked and nothing. Finally, we saw where a house was being built and a port a john sitting near the road. My best friend stopped and I jumped out and quickly made my way to it to do what I needed to. To this day, my husband and her tease me about my mad dash.

  6. I think it be a hoot to see out and people wouldn’t have a clue. I’ve gone in men’s restrooms many times. Again, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

  7. LOL, Marika and Terri, you crack me up.

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