Sexy singers?

So a couple of days ago I mentioned Adam Levine, from Maroon 5 in an International Heat Blog post, which got me to thinking about rock stars, and what makes a rock star gorgeous.

Well, okay, I confess, Adam Levine was only partly the reason I’ve been pondering this. The other part is based on the fact that my November release, See You In my Dreams is all about a gorgeous rock star!

So what do you think it is about rock stars that make them so damn attractive?

Let’s face it, Mick Jagger would not be a strong contender in a beauty contest. But there’s no denying his legendary status when it comes to rock stars with sex appeal.

(Oooh, Mick Jagger of 40 years ago is pretty damn easy on the eyes.)

Is it the way the male vocalists get up on stage and swing their hips? Or is it the incredible, rich tones of their voices that seduce us? I could curl up in Jason Mraz’s voice and live there happily for ever. But does that make him sexy? Well, in my eyes (or ears), hell yeah!

What about someone like Adam Levine? He is just plain gorgeous. End of story. But does his voice make him even sexier?

Okay, let’s move away from the present and look at the past. What did you think of these guys?

Dunno about you, but when I saw The Boss perform, every one of my teenage hormones used to stand to attention.

Mmmmm, Sting. He only got better with age.

Bon Jovi. Sigh. He also just keeps getting better and better.

Okay, truthfully? I dreamed about the members of Duran Duran. All of them!

Sexy? Or smarmy?

What about his son?

Okay. Gulp. Sexy. Definitely sexy.

Waddya you think? Are rock stars sexy by nature of their work? Or do some of them just possess that special spark that drives their female fans into a frenzy?

Oh, and is there any particular rock star you used to dream about? Or maybe still do?


11 Responses to “Sexy singers?”

  1. You had me at Jon…you realize that he is still my soon to be ex-husband to be? I’ve loved him since Runaway and yes, I’m that old to remember.

    Julio and Enrique are too beautiful to be true..**double sigh**

    Adam is just plain fine!

    Thanks for sharing this morning.

  2. Jason Mraz. Oh hells yes. Adam Levine. He’s a little skinny for my taste, but still very hot. John BonJovi, yum.

    Mick Jagger? Not so much. Not in the 60s, not now. Sorry!

    Not sure if you listen to American Country music, but have you seen Blake Shelton? Mmmm… Tall, slightly gray at the temples. He’s sexy. *Swoon*.

    And of course, my favorite – even though he’s primarily known as an actor – Christian Kane. Damn that man is so fine. I could eat him up with a spoon. With whipped cream on top. What???


  3. Adam Levine YUMMY!! Especially his nude photos:) Enrique he is pretty good looking too not so much his dad at least for me. Bon Jovi has gotten alot better with age OMG. Jason Aldean is country music but still he is pretty yummy too in those tight jeans, rolled up shirt sleeves and earings. YUMMY YUMMY

  4. Adam Levine…sigh…Chad Kroeger (Nickelback) is hot…his voice makes him even hotter, IMO…Oh Rob Thomas (Matchbox Twenty), I wouldn’t kick him out either…Blake Shelton (b/c I love tall men)…hmmm, I’m sensing a cougar pattern going on here..I’m sure there are others that I find scrumptious, but am listening to Maroon 5 right now, so all thoughts are focused on one man…..ROFL
    Great blog Jess!!! Oh, the Iglesias family is SMOKIN’! They have some sexy genes going on there!

  5. Mary Preston Says:

    VERY HOT & SEXY!!!!

  6. visual arts…

    […]Sexy singers? « International Heat[…]…

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